The Top Ten Reasons Men Dump Women

June 6, 2011 by Likha  
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The top ten reasons men dump women have a lot to do with attitude.

The top 10 reasons men dump women are hard facts women must face.  Most of the time, men will not spell them out for their partners. It must be emphasized that the reasons have nothing to do with looks but with attitude.

Find out what men are not bent on telling their partners.

1.    She is very insecure.

A woman often commits the mistake of putting herself down. She whines about not being good enough and talks her man out of a compliment. She feels threatened by a woman who is more attractive and smart.  If a woman doesn’t believe in herself, so won’t her man. It won’t take long before her man leaves her for a more confident woman.

2.    She is too dependent.

A man is turned off by a woman who cannot hold her own. When her man asks her what movie she wants to see, she answers, “whatever you want to see.” This woman may just bark or hop on one leg if her man tells her to.

Financial dependence is also a disaster area in a relationship. A man wants an equal.  He may provide more monetarily but is pleased to see his woman also contributing and is not just “on the take.”

3.    She is too needy.

We have heard of the ego-inflating damsel in distress tactic to win a man.  She turns him into a handy man who is on call 24 hours a day shifting roles from plumber to auto mechanic to nurse. She traces his whereabouts and calls him no end.  He is smothered and eventually, he loses breathing space, enough to convince him she is a helpless cripple or a master stalker.

4.    She is too eager to please him.

A woman may jump through hoops just to please her man. She enrols in culinary class to learn to cook for him, always gives him that soothing massage or picks him up after a hard day’s work.  Now learn this. Men get easily turned off by women who go into overdrive to please them.  They are out to look for a love partner, not a chef, masseur or chauffeur.

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15 Responses to “The Top Ten Reasons Men Dump Women”
  1. Ima Vee Says:

    hooh… Men dumping women? That’s harsh but men do have the right to break it up if it’s too much… It’s not going to work…

  2. mtrguanlao Says:

    Don’t know what to say,lol!
    I guess I’m dependent (financial matters) on my hubby inay but he wants it that way…he doesn’t want me to work,he prefers a stay at home mom and wife,lol!

  3. isloooboy Says:

    Well some your reason are very logical and I agree with you but in now a days when womens are turning on to dominating positions. So some of these old things are gone like too much pleasing position. Anyway good topic and very well research article.

  4. Starpisces Says:

    usually women dump men don’t sound so heartless, but when men dump women, will sound heartless. Dump people, before being dumped, that should be the main reason, hehe, also, may be due to “dumping season”, just joking.
    interesting as always.

  5. pguims Says:

    I just have to smile.. I might say something that can pick anyone. LOL


    guys are willing to tolerate behaviour that may have otherwise been termed insufferable wiht other women if they love the ones they are with. it may nigthem but they will still stick around. men dump women that they simply arent feeling..period!

  7. Patrick Hatton Says:

    You’ve hit on some of the main reasons there. #9 is especially true…we don’t show up looking for a new boss. That’s the beauty of breaking up with someone who suddenly announces that they write the rulebook…You can fire the boss and that makes a man feel like a million bucks!

  8. Macherie Says:

    hehehe.. reminds me of on one of my article… how to lose a guy with a few texts.. only this one is better written.. ahahaha

  9. 1hopefulman Says:

    Great research in finding the top ten reasons men dump women.

  10. Phoenix Montoya Says:

    Ay naku Likha, very true at ang pinakamasaklap if you can’t please him. Me, I’m always losing my husband. But, I don’t really care. I am one of those who do not need a man. Salamat sa impluensya ng nanay ko lol

  11. sambasivarao Says:

    Good analysed article.

  12. sweetblue Says:

    good article..

  13. The Soul Explorer Says:

    Some girls have that kind of attitude. Wink!

  14. obikelvin Says:

    another good one

  15. TS Orion Says:

    This reminds me of the book Why Men Love Bitches..

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