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June 9, 2013 by baileys7122  
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"Reminder all Emergency Services will be suspended for a 12 hour period during The Purge" – June 7th, 2013.

The new movie The Purge has just came out on June 7, 2013. The movie is about a 12 hour time period where everything becomes legal – including murder. Anything can happen within this 12 hour period, anything. But only in America. The government has sanctioned this time period for once a year. Hospitals will no longer bring in patients for help, and citizens must regulate themselves. During this night of crime, violence, and terror a family accidentally lets a man in to their locked down home, and a series of events threaten to rip this family to shreds. Now James and his family have to try to survive the night without turning into the monsters whom they hide from. The Purge is rated R (for strong disturbing violence and language).

“In its own clumsy, exaggerated way, The Purge takes a strong stand against our cultural obsession with violence and our tendency to conflate justice with vengeance” – Tirdad Derakhshani

“A mediocre home invasion film whose implausible central plot device undercuts whatever point it was trying to make.” – Scott Nash

“The movie repeatedly chickens out when it should be, well, purging.” – Mike McGranaghan 

“Its ominous tone is consistent throughout its 85-minute duration, and you wish the film were a bit longer with more exposition of the events that shaped this dystopian future.” – Bob Bloom

The average rating for this movie so far is at a 3.3/5. The movie is 1 hour 25 minutes long, and is a must see if you’re into suspense and horror. What do you think of the new movie, The Purge? Let us know in the comments!

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