The Pretty Myth (What Guys Really Like in Girls)

May 10, 2011 by AnniElectrica  
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It’s the looks that count, right? Wrong. So, so wrong.

  Us girls can be pretty harshon the male species. We’re quick to write them off as superficial cavemen only interested in chicks for their boobs / bum / amazing eyes – even when they claim to love their personality.But here’s the crazy thing: they’re telling the truth´╝łunlessthey’retalkingaboutMeganFoxThe´╝î they’re definitely lying). Cos while physical chemistry can spark the initial attraction, what gets them in -and keeps them – is much more than a pretty face. We spoke to the lads to see what they love beneath the surface.


  Topping the list is the crowd favourite: confidence. That doesn’t mean you have to be the loudest, most outgoing girl in the room either, because confidence comes in many forms. It’s about having faith in yourself, strength in your opinions (your own opinions), and believeing that you’re as amzing as we know you are.

They say:

  “Confidence is the main quality i like in a girl. That means confidence in her own tastes, opinions and confidence to have her own individual style. People who do their own thing are the coolest.”

  “I like a girl who is confident in what she says and the way she looks. If she thinks she looks great then there is a much bigger chance i will too.”


  You don’t have to be dux of the school, or even win the maths award. Intelligence is much more than book smart. In fact, being worldly, having an open mind, knowing what’s going on in the world, and being able to hold an interesting conversation is far more attractive (to guys) than knowing where to put a semicolon. Contrary to popular belief, boys don’t want a girl who just agrres with everything they say. A girl who has her own interests and opinions is a big winner for the boys.

They say:

  “A girl can be as hot as hell, but if she can’t hold an intelligent conversation, than all is lost.”

  “It’s cool to find out new stuff that they like – especially if it’s something random like pirates musicals.”


  We know you’re not Disneyland, but your fun-factorand sense of adventure will have them all lining up for tickets to the main attraction (you). This one’s about hanging up your tiara and giving things a go. Whether it’s a hike in a national park, a spontaneous karaoke night, or just forgoing your makeup routine so you can kick a ball around with him, your willingness to just roll with it will have him ga-ga for you. Sans makeup and everything.

They say:

  “I like agirl with a sense of adventure. And i don’t mean, like, bungee jumping cos i don’t want to do that either. But someone who’s open to trying new things, like eating duck liver or going to see one of thos Euro movies with subtitles.”

  “Sense of humour is good but sense of fun is better cos it shows they can roll with stuff and have fun. You want a girl who is fun to be around more than one who is a female Jimeoin.”

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