The Nine Subjects of Conversation More Boring Than Women

February 29, 2012 by nehaahmed  
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It has always proved difficult to establish a conversation on the first date when there is no feeling at once or nothing is known about the other. Many die in the attempt and do not pass a second meeting. If you want this not your case, then pay attention to this paper.

Obviously, each speech and gender different topics interest you. For a first date, what matters is not bored with each other their stories.

To avoid mistakes, check the 9 topics of conversation you should not play to not get bored

1 – Aches and pains: One of the worst mistakes you can make a man, talk about “ailments” or health problems to get to be pampered or seek to be loved.

2 – Technicalities: Women do not like a man try to give lecture on how to speak properly. Just get your date to consider you a clown who is just looking to impress. The best advice is be yourself and speak normally.

3 – Sports: There are few women who like sports, therefore avoiding the conversation should focus on this issue. It is important to consider their preferred issues related to their feelings or what they enjoy doing.

4 – Engines: Like sports, women are not closely related to the engine or anything related to them. If you make the mistake of talking about it, try not to be for long.

5 – Adventures: Do not try to impress your date with the exciting adventures for yourself. Perhaps the Captives for a few seconds, but soon you will notice your face from boredom.

6 – Relationship Past: Prevents the topic of conversation revolves around your past relationships, because your company might think that you have not given overcome these breaks. Keep in mind also that women do not like being compared, except when given to know someone better than them. However, not all women are upset because this information helps them to know how to act or what things to avoid.

7 – Other: If your topic of conversation is based on your friends and how much you admire, you ensure that your company will end up getting angry, it seems you’d rather focus your attention on other things. This also avoids criticizing, because if you do she’ll think you’re a man “gossip”.

8 – Sex: It is recommended that appointments in the early talk about sex. Not sure what kind of woman in front of you, so you risk looking just think that in her.

9 – Egocentric: Do not make the mistake of the whole conversation is about you. If you do, other than for a long time and try to ask more about it. The key is to learn to listen. So do not try to pretend noting also that you are using designer clothes or you have many goods.

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