The Key to Having Great Sex is at Your Fingertips by Amit Kumar

May 4, 2013 by rahulverma  
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Sex is the great equalizer. It’s one thing in this world, we all need and want to how much money you does not matter, you look like or what your profession (unless of course you are a prostitute in this case, it is important because you are a professional, while the rest of us are amateurs). This is available to all of us, and it’s free. Ability and fun go hand in hand. This is a thing in the world, you really want to practice. Better, you know what you want to get the suppression tell you what it is you want, and that is the key to great sex. That, my friend, you have a great climax, if you’re really lucky, a wegasm. In the end what you ask?

This is when both partners reach orgasm at the same time. I know it sounds greedy world, some women even experience the fun with partners to orgasm. This does not happen every time, it requires a little effort, willingness and openness.

To have an orgasm, is a complete loss of boundaries and taboos. It is the pure physical pleasure. When this happens, it is a complete breakdown of where you start and the end of your partner boundary. This is almost metaphysical. Take place to achieve this goal, two things need to happen.

1. Get into the right mindset.

In order to achieve a wegasm, preferably in a steady stream early in the day. Let your philandering. Let your brain get your body wet. Naughty text sent during working hours, you can get the day started. You will have your husband counting the minutes until he can go home, ravaged your body. I guarantee that he will voluntarily let the kids in bed that night.

2. Turn off the phone vibrates. Turn off the computer and television. Lit some candles. May need a hot bath, together or separately, hired favorite sexy fragrance, or wear your hair a certain way, to play a favorite song, or wear something to make you feel super sexy. Sexy you feel sexy and this will make it easier for you to achieve orgasm. When my husband shower and comes to bed wearing my favorite flavor, send a subliminal message, which is all systems go.

3. To stay in tune.

Men can get hot in just a few minutes, because it is entirely physical. Lucky bastard. On the other hand, women’s sexy in our heads. We must feel loved and beautiful Wanted. We need a little time to let the steady stream. Talk about a pain in the ass. If it takes a woman 30 minutes to reach orgasm, it needs a guy 3 minutes, you will see this problem. I was lucky, my husband insisted always ladies first.

To the same place at the same time, the couple needs to accept some basic facts, women need more foreplay, men need to slow down, and he is to arouse you, let him easily in the heat of the moment may feel like trying to rub your tummy and at the same time, pat your head.

Once your clitoris engorges and you are in a highly excited state, he gently stroked and whisper how much you want him. When you are ready to explode, try, largest wegasm potential. Doggy Style the great realization wegasms, because he can penetrate deep to keep stimulate your clitoris manually. Sounds interesting, right?

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