The Importance of Timing, Approach and Nature in Finding The Right Present for Your Wife, Part One

July 25, 2013 by Gary Davis  
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I’ve learned, after 40 years of marriage, that giving my wife the right present is a lot more than, well, giving my wife a present.

Wives are always thankful. They wouldn’t hurt our feelings for the World, no matter how far from the mark we happen to fall, when getting them a gift.

It isn’t so much buying a wife a gift that is the dilemma; it is the term “great” that puts an impossible spin on the situation for many husbands. What is the purpose for that, and, what can we do? How do we put that unreachable radiance on our wife’s face that tells us that “We did good”?

I would suggest two key points. First, I think the gift will mean a million times more if it is bestowed at a time when is not expected. Birthdays, anniversaries and at Christmas, your wife is pretty much expecting a present; an obligatory gift. Frankly, that is what takes the gift immediately to the second tier; it is obligatory.

Women are wonderful. I admit the fact that this World would be one sad place without the “feminine mystique”. As husbands, if we are going to succeed in this quest, there is no doubt that we have to “play in the big leagues” of emotional interaction; a place we usually don’t hang out.

The gift, then, has to be given at a time when your wife isn’t expecting it. The gift then says that you are always, 24/7, thinking of her. The time of day plays a role in the possibility of the gift being assessed as “great”. The first thing in the morning might be a great time. Another good time might be right before you go to bed, when she is sure there isn’t else good or exciting going to come her way that day.

Alright, we have decided we will give our wife on a day she is not expecting it. Further, we will give it to her at a time of day that is atypical. What can we do next?

The next suggestion I would offer is the use of camouflage. I think if we give our wives a present, or even two, that isn’t the real thing, her guard goes down. Obviously, if we give our wives a present that is a ruse, she just thinks we have failed once again. It is important that this particular gift isn’t too “off the cuff”; remember, this is supposed to be “the gift”. It is important to make it believable.

Due to the length of the article this will conclude part one.

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