The Female Orgasm and How to Satisfy The Wife

July 16, 2012 by marocman  
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We must face the facts, men have a partial and superficial knowledge of female pleasure. When it comes to addressing the topic of female orgasm, there’s nobody!
Here’s a list that will let you advance in your lovemaking and get to meet your wife if this is not the case at present.

Female pleasure how does it work?
Seduce your wife.
That’s a good start to reach orgasm. Women are often very cerebral and sometimes need to be in love to enjoy.
This is so. A woman in love will naturally have more fun in bed as if she feels nothing for her man …
Even if the woman with whom you love is not crazy in love with you, you can still stimulate the emotionally by talking, complimenting, tell him what you expect of him, etc..
There is no magic formula, the solution is to fit each individual.
One of the secrets of the female orgasm is to anticipate and to fantasize about what will happen.
The women are all in the verb in action.
Prolong foreplay.
Here is a great idea! Women love foreplay, and none of them will tell you otherwise. They like to play long before taking action. Women like to feel the desire slowly rise. A woman will come more easily to orgasm foreplay that will be long and high quality. ‘re A gamer!
Abuse caresses.
Unlike man, the woman of pleasure receptors scattered all over his body. Use this with your caresses multiple erogenous zones to your advantage.
Lasting pleasure.
In bed, men and women essences of diesel … it’s sad but many women can not orgasm because men do not last long enough. A brief sexual relationship is not conducive to female orgasm. More stimulation is longer and the chances are great for a woman to reach orgasm. Men must learn to relax and keep the party going, but it is actually easier said than done.
Do not worry, you can not please everyone.
Despite your valiant efforts, there will always be women with whom it will be worse for them as for you.
So beautiful and you try everything, you will not get to change that. A man is not 100% compatible with all women; ago, in fun, random variables, the unexpected and inexplicable things. We must accept it because it is what gives it its charm …

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