The Effects of Living Alone

April 10, 2013 by Aisha Gonalli  
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A description of a tendency in society.

            Nowadays relationships have become more complicated due to lots of changes in people’s lifestyles. Today’s women have goals different from those in the previous century; they pursue careers, travel a lot and have fun. They are much more than housewives, so some of them may decide to live alone. What is more, living on one’s own is easier – there are no quarrels about bills and taxes, no children to raise, no divorce taxes, no distant relatives getting on one’s nerves, but freedom of choice.

            Living without a spouse can have different effects, especially on women.

To begin with, a woman has a certain biological role – to bear children and to raise them. In the past, women used to live in large families with their husbands, children and relatives. A woman who cannot have children does not perform her biological role, so she is out of the society. Today’s women are different – they are free to make their own choices – who to live with, separate from the other members of the family or not, at the same town or abroad, married or not. Moreover, women have the right to have goals, to be somebody, to earn good salary, to run a company, to deal with business just like men do, not to be a simple housewife with lots of domestic chores. The roles of a woman and a man have become equal. This has its advantages but it may also cause some bad effects, for example careerism – women addicted to work, avoiding men on purpose. These individuals are doomed to depression because at a certain age they will become unsatisfied and irritated as they have not received the benefits of the women in a relationship. Single women may spend the whole salary on themselves, have good social life, lots of friends all around the world, they are independent and ambitious, have lots of short affairs, they do what they want. It only seems to be like that. Actually most of them are not happy because they are not loved, sometimes they may feel that nobody needs them and they may have low self-esteem. Love is not the only case. Women in a relationship have somebody to rely on and focus on their biological roles of wives and mothers. A recent survey shows that the latter live longer and are naturally happier because of hormones which are emitted.  So to say, a satisfied woman is an individual who serves their biological role as well. So what actually living alone can cause? It has certain advantages such as independence and freedom but the disadvantages may be very harmful to psychological health. A single woman can feel comfortable at some periods of time but depression may occur in lots of situations – being at a party alone with lots of couples around, during holidays, at Christmas time, at weddings, in difficult situations and whenever it strikes her that she has been single for a long time.

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