The Campaign to Sack Jenni Murray | Woman’s Hour Radio Four Presenter Lives Where The Sun Never Shines

December 31, 2010 by AndAnotherThing  
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Normally we would champion a woman in her old age, especially one who has grown a face fit for radio, but we cannot champion Jenni Murray. All campaigns have to start somewhere. If you would like to add your voice for or against the idea of getting rid of Jenni Murray you may do so in the comments section below.

Jenni Murray dominates BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and it is stifling. That this woman should be accepted as the doyen of taste and put her own experience in front of the esteemed guests on the radio programme is unforgivable.

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Woman’s Hour has a long history on BBC Radio 4. The show’s website tells us that Woman’s Hour (which is currently on every weekday from 10 until 11 and on Saturday’s from 4 until 5) is “celebrating, informing and entertaining women”. It forfills much of this remit until Jenni Murray opens her gob and gobshite is expelled. For Jenni Murray celebrating, informing and entertaining is all about self disclosure. Her life, her oh so funny (not) experiences and her insights. Granted we listeners require a personality in the slot but not one who squeezes interesting content for the sake of yet another oh so funny (not) anecdote.

Take the show on New Year’s Eve. Jenni Murray took a shine to a poet who spoke in various condescending accents and believed herself to be oh so entertaining. Had she not discovered a new species of bee in her very own garden? She had and, much to Jenni Murray’s approval, she spoke four languages including French from birth but “habitually” she said before, explaining the meaning of the word habitually to all the stupid women who listen to the show, she spoke English. At this point Jenni Murray was almost slipping off her chair so enraptured was she with this woman who spoke very unlike anyone from Birmingham. Oh, don’t you know, Jenni Murray despises the Brummy accent?

So then we have a discussion about shoes and particularly high heels but the way they displace wombs and shrink tendons in the calf is irrelevant. For we really want to hear about Jenni Murray and her opinion of high heels. Jenni fortunately wanted the nation to know that she wasn’t always this woman who had grown a face for radio and buttocks to fill a bucket chair. Indeed not! Jenni Murray was once young too and, notwithstanding the Brummy women who wear them, Saint Jenny was partial to a pair of high heels! Praise the Lord! Praise Jenni Murray. Surely she should let us know some more about herself. Don’t leave it like this Jenni please disclose more about your life and high heels. Couldn’t you bung in that speech about your impoverished youth and your knitted swimming costume oh doyen of taste and all thing proper. Oh woman who has never uttered the C word and never allowed her sons to utter the letter C, let alone the word, it in her house or in her earshot.

But wait there was more. Jenni Murray once wore heals and when on an escalator from the London Underground she stumbled and broke a heel. Don’t worry listeners, nor feel the need to send her a retrospective Get Well card for Jenni Murray did not break her, even then stout, ankle. Do not lament that Jenni Murray did not break her cowin’ neck oh women of Birmingham.

There was just enough time to squeeze in an interview from a learned female academic about the difference between a maze and a labyrinth. The artful Jenni Murray shut down the interview to introduce her favourite Prunella Scales reading a piss-poor episode of this week’s Woman’s Hour serial. 

Someone have the ca hones to get rid of Jenni Murray, she is one boring C word.


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