The Benefits of Working Women

August 6, 2012 by arinie evi  
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With his mother’s work means to increase family income and the quality of life for the better for the family, as in the case: nutrition,education,shelter, clothing,entertainment and health facilities.
With work, a woman trying to find meaning and identity achievement was to bring him and his self convidence and happines.
Usually tend to have a broader scope and varied so as to have a more open mindset, more energic and have extensive knowledge.

In any case the work has positive benefits both for the mother to work as well as for families. Some positive aspect are:

1. Support the household economy

 With her mother’s work, it means that the source of family income is not just one, but two.

The couple can pursus a better quality of life for families,such as in the case of: nutrition,education,shelter, clothing,leisure and entertainment,and health facilities.

2. Increased self-esteem and identity consolidation

Work, allowing a women to express herself, in a creative and productive, to produce something that brings pride to yourself,especially if his performance is rewarded and the positive feedback. Though this work, a women trying to find meaning is rewarded and the positive feedback. Though is work, a women trying to find meaning and identity, and achievement is to bring confidence and happines.

3.  A healthy and positive relationships with family

Women who work, tend to have a broader scope and varied, so it tends to have a mindset thats is more open, more energic,have a broad and more dynamic. The existence of a wife can be a partner  for her husband,to be a friend to exchange ideas and share the hope, vision and responsibility.

4. Improved skills and competencies

With the work, then a women should be able to adjust to the demands. For that, a woman claimed to creatively find aspects that could be developed for the betterment of himself. Improved skills and competencies that will continously bring ”more value” to him as an employee, other than a steady confidence.

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