The benefits of wearing flat boots for women

July 25, 2013 by soumyadipsaha  
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Dressing up is very important for a woman. Her style can show to the world the type of character that that woman has, how much importance she attributes to her appearance and can even reveal the level of respect that she carries for others.

A well dressed woman, which will choose the clothes with good taste and will always have a neat outfit tells the world that she is a tasteful person, that she is elevated and a real lady, and that her life is always in order.

You won’t see a well dressed woman acting inappropriate on the street, just as you would expect from a 40 years old woman who still dresses up like a teenager.
But if her outfit talks more about her character and the way she behaves in society, a woman’s footwear talks about the attention that that woman is paying to her own body and health.
While wearing high heels makes a woman leg look longer and sexier and makes that person more feminine and interesting, giving her a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, wearing them daily is not good for the health.

A lot of problems can appear from frequently wearing heels, especially really high heels.
When someone is wearing heels, the center of gravity of the body shifts from the stomach to the legs, being able to go as far as to the person’s knees. This is the explanation to why a large number of women balance back and forward while putting on heels, not being able to stay straight and walk normal.

Besides losing the balance and making you look like you drank a lot, your spine has to support more of the body weight because this is no longer being distributed evenly onto the two legs. It also curves in a funky way, as gravity is pulling you forward and you are forcing yourself to maintain a straight position.

You will start having spine pain as well as shoulder pain. The discs from the spine can shift and you can end up with some calcified formations that won’t let you regain the normal back posture, and it will hurt a lot.

Choosing heels instead of flat boots will make you develop sore calluses which will make walking a pure nightmare, and you can even deform your big toe. The bones inside the big toe will shift position, getting wider and more prominent in order to be able to sustain the weight is being put on it. Imagine that when you are wearing high heels, your are practically walking on your tiptoe.
As crazy as it might sound, wearing high heels regularly will start giving you headaches as well. While the spine shifts and the spine discs start rubbing on each other, little impulses are sent through the spine all the way to the brain, which there translates into headaches.
So, as you see, the benefits of wearing flat boots are many. You won’t have back pain, headaches, spine pain, leg pain and calluses, and your feet will look as they should, without the bones changing structure. Plus that, your face will appear more rested after a day of walking compared to how you would look if you would walk the same amount of time wearing high heels.

women’s boots are available in various colours, styles and designs, which can make you look quite stylish and beautiful.

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