The Art of Sexually Stimulating a Woman’s G Spot

April 14, 2011 by Facevalue  
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The way to go about stimulating a woman’s G-Spot.

The Art of Sexually Stimulating a Woman’s G Spot

The Grafenberg Spot or the G-Spot is believed to be the most pleasurable spot in a woman’s vagina.

One can locate the G-Spot in a woman about one to three inches into her vagina, on the front wall.

Experts have described the Grafenberg Spot as an erogenous zone which when stimulated in the right manner can bring a woman such an intense amount of very powerful orgasms and even female ejaculation in most cases.

As a matter of fact most women have claimed that G-Spot stimulation gives them more enjoyable orgasms than clitoral stimulation.

But the thing here is one must know how to stimulate the G-Spot properly if they want the woman to experience the powerful orgasm and ejaculation some women experience from G-Spot stimulation.

According to experts, the G-Spot needs nothing but a complete and direct stimulation to it. Experts have advised that the stimulation to this erogenous zone should be done with firm moves and constant pressure if the goal of an intense orgasm is hoped to achieve.

Experts have also discouraged the attempt by most couples to stimulate the G-Spot through the missionary position as this can prove very difficult to reach the goal because of the angle at which penetration occurs in that position.

Some sex experts have also recommended couples to try mixing both manual stimulation and sexual intercourse as this is one of the best ways to achieve a proper G-Spot stimulation.

Remember, the key to achieving a perfect G-Spot stimulation is through direct stimulation and firm and constant pressure to that very sensitive erogenous area.

The result of this act would lead the woman to having very powerful sexual sensations. Some women have described the end results of G-Spot stimulation as bringing them to an almost euphoric state – where nothing but utter excitement dwells.

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