The Art of Picking Up Women – an Awesome Guide

December 22, 2012 by f14m3r  
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Have you ever wondered how your friends are able to get so many women, able to get laid so easily but are not even as attractive as you are? Want to know what are the actual things that women might want from you?
Read the WHOLE guide below to find out!

Hello there people.

If you have ever wondered why your friends or other people have it so easy to get women, yet you are alone then this guide would be for you.

See, the thing is, what we popularly know about women is really in fact plain wrong. For example, it’s popularly believed the women are attracted to “bad” boys or rich men. The might be true. But one thing these type of people have is security.

Yes that’s right, what women are attar acted to is none other than security. A lot of women don’t even know that. It’s just how their brain is wired to be, attraction to something which is stable, dependent, confident and most of all, a man who can provide a sense of security.

Throw ever thing out you know about women, all those stereotypes saying that “nice guys finish last” and ecetra. To pickup a women, it’s not a matter of looks or money. It’s a matter of Social Skill. To know what to say, to know what vibe to give off.

The vibe you would wanna give off would be,

  • Dependable – Obviously you would wanna be dependable to the other person. You should be somebody that she can count on when she needs you
  • Leadership – Yes, take the lead. Whenever you are in a group, you should be the one everyone has their attention. Not as the guy who is desperate for attention but as the guy who is responsible and with some values. Be the one to take the lead and make others follow you.
  • Live for your self – This is the part where a lot of guys get “friendzoned”. Putting her needs in front of yours is a big mistake. You gotta make her feel that you’re a challenge,a hard to get person. Live for yourself, make her beg for your attention (not the same as being fully indifferent)
  • Confidence – The most important of all, have confidence in what you do. No regrets and no “umm, yea I guess”.


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