TEN Wise Decisions a Woman CAN Make Before Fifty

October 22, 2011 by deedaG50  
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It is believed that the average life expectancy has increased more in the last decade than ever before, making longevity especially amongst women a welcome trend. Due to the social and cultural responsibilities placed on women even at an early age,many have remained unfulfilled until much later in life. What decisions can a woman make at fifty to enjoy fulfilment.?

  In today’s world, a woman’s life begins at fifty. Before fifty, for many life is still an illusion, a cobweb of intrigue laced with pain of childbirth and raising a family. Due to changing economic conditions, many have raised children without a father or husband in the picture,faced divorce or bereavement at some point and many times have been victims of domestic violence and abuse. With all this in view, their dreams have usually taken second place or completely buried.Unfortunately women are the ones who experience the ticking of that biological time clock more than men and therefore more prone to give up their dreams more easily.

 Most women have found that suspending their careers and dream goals in order to care and nurture their families have been more beneficial than the usual struggles to keep both afloat. Thankfully that need not be the case in modern times when she can work from home and earn a reasonable income or pursue a career of her dreams. Making the transition from the bedroom to the boardroom would seem more feasible with a well- defined action plan in your prime years than in your thirties. 

  • Plan your financial future/ security-Plans may go wacky at times, but plan anyway. Buy stocks, invest in real estate or do anything that helps you keep something aside for the rainy day.Have an investment portfolio and be sure to engage some professional assistance if you need to.
  • Keep an active mind and body- Your health is one of your valuable asset, protect it against the possible onslaught of age-related health problems by being active. 
  • Be proactive-Keep old unresolved issues in view and be prepared to deal with the worse possible scenarios in every situation, that way you would not be shaken by events that may steal your time or rob you of your joy and strength.
  • Pursue training in a chosen business-whatever business interests you, get some training on it and be well informed about all related skills
  • Set Goals-set realistic goals for every department of your life
  • Keep old friends, make new ones- be connected to your community, by participatory involvement in the development of your community.Volunteering is a good way to give back to your community.it is also a good way to beat depression and discouragement.
  • Welcome change- your body and all around you will experience both subtle and dramatic changes.
  • Be adventurous-be an out door person. try new things, it won’t hurt, it would only make you conquer your fears.
  • Dig  for deeper spirituality-oneness with your creator will give way to wisdom peace and clarity of mind. Decide that you would spend time meditating daily no matter how hard it is to get away from busy schedules.
  • Be your own best friend- To thyself be true. Have your” me time” as often as possible.
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  1. ilovebaboy Says:

    interesting and helpful

  2. Ram Bansal Says:

    Good post not only to women but men must also learn some lessons too.

  3. deedaG50 Says:

    Thanks Ram, but you will agree that even though men can learn a few tips from this, but believe me their struggles before fifty are quite different.

  4. CHIPMUNK Says:

    well mentioned facts

  5. deedaG50 Says:

    Thanks chipmunk,.

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