Television: Daniela Ruah and Craig Ferguson’s Sexy Double Entendres

December 9, 2012 by Courtlney  
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A double entendre is when someone is talking about a specific subject and the topic can be interpreted as something totally different. With all the restrictions of regular television programming — not cable — sometimes it’s interesting how stars can wiggle in a topic or descriptions that would otherwise be tabu on television.

Sexy Daniela Ruah smiles on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Many men (and maybe a few women) may envy Craig Ferguson for being able to interview some of the most beautiful women — in person, no less.  Whoever selects some of the attractive female guests on the show has an eye for gorgeous women.  Of course, there are exceptions, but when there are overly attractive women on his show — his show moves up a notch in my eyes.

Beautiful Daniela Ruah

Among the many beautiful women that appeared on the show was Daniela Ruah, a gorgeous Portuguese/American, who was promoting her movie, Dr. Who.  It was not too long in the interview conversation before it was obvious that there were some sort of “word play” going on between the two of them.

Daniela Ruah stares back as Craig Ferguson seems to be unable to take his eyes off her.

Here’s where Daniela Ruah and Craig Ferguson duel back and forth in double entendres that escalated as the bubbles flew.

Of course it’s more interesting to hear and see their exchanges, so enjoy the video clip from the show below. As a preview, when Daniela Ruah was having difficulty giving a blow (to the bubbles), Craig Ferguson told her to just do it softly and more consistently and she will do fine.  See what I mean?

Liked it

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