Take Her, Then: A Proactivist View of The “I’ll Take Your Girl” Mentality

May 8, 2012 by SKYLERIZED  
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This essay deals with the pervasive notion within the hip hop and R&B culture that you ought to sacrifice your female companion for the next man to have.

What’s current, folks? You ever had a savage say, “I’ll take your girl” straight to your face while you’re grinding on your woman in a sweaty Jamaican club and your she deciphers every word? Me neither. But for the sake of argument, let’s just say that this has occurred.  Now, you have options gents…. You can either kowtow, bow out and let the the adversary just swoop in and procure your Earth, rise against the threat and block the interception, or…politic a deal.

Yes, arrangements may be set for you to exchange your “lady” for some of that opposing man’s dollars. You’ve been in the relationship for six months now.  She probably gives you more headaches than anything else by this point.  And who needs a nagging female to complain about her baby daddy still residing in a  8′-10′ “dormitory” up state who fails to provide her with funds to get more Enfamil? No one.  That’s when you hand this beast-turned-client the proverbial keys to your Wiz and present a list of conditions. 

First, you outline that he pay you a stack ($1000) at signing and an additional $29.99 per month for your girl’s services (sex, cooking, cleaning, and moving weight from state to state).  Next, you ensure that the documents included receive signature and dates and a review by a certified notary public.  You then shake hands with your new customer and let your old infant receptacle go her merry way. 

Beware, males already deep in the entertainment field such as Drake, Kirko Bangz, Waka Flocka Flame, and  “Mr. Steal Your Girl” himself, Trey Songz (pictured above), and other famous fellows who girls say could “get it,” will surprisingly expect to not pay for the aforementioned services.  This is because they have become accustomed to acquiring such items for free or as perks from record labels. Not to worry, most of these guys will recognize the business opportunity involved and the ability to give back to the community by supporting your entrepreneurial spirit.  You would allow them to commit what otherwise would have been strong-arm robbery.

Scream at me.

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