Strange Myths About Women, You Perhaps Believe

June 1, 2013 by youngbie  
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History has been written by those who had been eye-witnesses and ear.

History has been written by those who had been eye-witnesses and ear. Even so, sometimes when I heard a story about something in the past, how often sounded awkward and unreasonable yes. And if it was appropriate to describe it as a myth.

You may believe, and should not. Because we also frowned and read several times bizarre myths about these women.

The phenomenon of migration of worms

One time, the doctors and medical personnel astonishment found a strange phenomenon in a woman’s body. Believed, that there was a time where women will feel pain and the smell of feces out really unpleasant. It turns out this is the phase where the worms migrate from one corner to the other in a woman’s body. This is what causes women often feel pain in the stomach on several occasions.

Virgin woman

Is a belief some people, that if an old man sleeping in the same bed with a woman who is a virgin, then she was going to get longer and younger. He also reportedly regained his virginity and fertility.

Until now there are those who believe these myths, but of course many who actually think this is a ridiculous reason alone.

Toxins in the body of a woman

This myth was first circulated after a Greek scientist named Galen argued that if women do not have sexual relations with a man, then the fluid in the body will turn into a kind of poison. That’s why women should not be unmarried. He had married and then have intercourse with her husband so that her body does not produce toxins.

Teeth in vagina

Is a myth that had spread in ancient Rome that there is a tribe in South America where the women have a secret weapon. There, tribal women have to live without fear of crime of rape. When a man tried to force the rape, the genital area can issue P mr teeth and biting the man.

Women should not clever

1873 years ago, as quoted from Boldsky, said that women do not be clever and learn. This myth is expressed by Dr. Edward Clarke who said that when women learn and become more proficient, the brain will undergo a major change in size. And that’s where the brain will swallow productivity capabilities averse women so women have children.

Well, this strange myths did not have to make you believe. But a woman is always a challenge and interesting things in life ya. Let’s grateful to have been created as a woman.

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