Stacy, the Adulterous Wife

May 30, 2011 by hosariwi  
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When we tie the knot, we are told that it is a life-time commitment. However, some may ask: How about if my husband is abusive? How about if my husband batters me every day? How about if my husband rapes me every day?

That is tricky, considering that the Holy Bible only allows divorce on grounds of adultery.

Read on and have your say.

Stacy, 33, is married to Sylvester, 36. They started off way back in December 1998. Sylvester was the “best thing” to have happened to Stacy. He was so loving, so kind, so generous, and he would often spoil her.

Way back in September 2006, Stacy got into a women’s group that contributed money into a pool, with a view to giving members land purchase loans. By December 2009, the group kitty had hit the US$60,200! Apart from land ownership, they got into the forex, stock, as well as car sale businesses.

In short, business was good.

Life at home was good, with Grace the first-born, eight-years-old in March 2010, and Daniel, aged four. They were getting the best in terms of education and upbringing.


In August 2010, Irene, a new member, joined Stacy’s group. She came up with many VERY GOOD ideas for the group. Her suggestions were as follows:

1. Visitation of each members home on Saturdays;

2. Merry-Go-Round. This simply means that, each member contributes a given amount of money every Saturday, which is all given to the hosting member;

3. Car-loans for each member;

4. House-loans for each member;

5. Education policy for each member, for their children’s education.

Members were excited about the new ideas, and they adopted them very readily. Come November 2010, Stacy had her own car as had over 30% of the entire membership of the group.

Come February 2011, Stacy seemed to be so busy that she would consistently report home very late. Sometimes she would reach home as late as 2.00am.

Apparently, having gotten herself a car, she found new freedom which she grabbed. She got into drunkenness. She got into adultery. She got herself into bad ladies’ groups. She neglected her household duties. She neglected her husband’s needs. She neglected her children’s needs. 

In mid-March 2011, she went away for three weeks, returning without apology on the first week of April.


In May, Sylvester went on a trip to the coastal city of Kenya, Mombasa, and he had a three-week assignment. However, he came unannounced on the second week of May. Arriving at 2.00am, he didn’t believe his eyes when, right there on the floor of the living-room, his wife was in the act with a boy, whom he estimated must have been around twenty-two years old.

What would you advice Sylvester? To keep his wife till death do them part? Supposing there was no adultery, would you still advice him to keep her till death do them part?

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2 Responses to “Stacy, the Adulterous Wife”
  1. Minister Marlene Says:

    Wow! Adultery is sure grounds for the divorce. The wife’s rebelliousness needs prayer, perhaps couples counseling and more prayer and even fasting. All depending on how the Lord leads. But her rebelling is not grounds for divorce. When we think of God’s marriage laws we know that marriage is serious business and we better choose real carefully and prayerfully. Being sure the mate is God’s choice for us. This is a great and fair story. We too often only hear of the men who go astray.

  2. Leonardo da Vinci E. Says:

    Do the appropriate thing your philosophy of life requests…in this case your philosophy is that book which encourages slavery.

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