Smell of Female Sweat is More Uncomfortable Than The Man

October 16, 2010 by webseowriters  
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Learn about, why do women sweat smell is different from men.

Smell the sweat of men and women are very different. American experts now find that the man recalls the treatment of bacterial rather mature cheese, while women from the armpit line something like pungent onions. Obviously it’s a feminine scent that is unpleasant than male.

Researchers collected samples of sweat from 25 men and 20 women, by using special swabs recruited up to their armpits sweat during a sauna or intensive cycling. 

After analyzing the samples it was revealed that the woman’s sweat contains a large amount of sulfur compounds odorless. However, they quickly processed bacteria, which make them pungent, and reminiscent of onions.

Smell is also affected by other factors:

The men managed to analyze large amounts of fatty acids, but bacterial enzymes from armpit to decompose quickly smelling substance found resembling cheese.

So it is observed that the men stink like cheese, and women such as grapefruit or onion. The scent of sweat also affected by other factors like what you eat, the more washes, what you wear under clothes, and what genes you have inherited.

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