Six Traits That Make Men More Attractive

July 31, 2013 by AmrAbbas  
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What makes a man attractive to women? What are the things that could change their opinion on you? Can you attract a woman the right way?

Women are often attracted to what is different from them. There is an old saying which says that opposites attract and that is indeed true. People are not that difficult to attract if you know what attracts them. There is a lock on everyone’s heart and mind; to enter their romantic criteria and if you use the right key you will get to their hearts.

The idea is not to fake something that you are not, but to make alternations that wouldn’t affect who you are gravely. The idea is to give you an opening to get across someone’s eyes. The first impression is often the difficult one to make; however, there are substitutes that can aid you until you get with the person whom you are interested in:

1-      Mystery:

One of the most dignified traits for a man is mystery; an element which can turn the tides around instantly in any woman’s eyes. It can always give you a reason to handle the first impression which could possibly be causing you trouble.

2-      Decency:

It’s important as a trait to appear in and as something for yourself; a quality to keep for your own. Women are always going to be attracted to the decent guy whether they admit or not. Women will always prefer decency over rudeness because they often put themselves in the situation where the rudeness affects them too.

3-      Masculinity:

While some might be convinced that being a man is all about being abusive and rude and bossy, it really isn’t. A real man can never beat a woman regardless of the things they hear or see. Being masculine is more about positivity in life; being a leader and being the crying shoulder when she needs it; being a protector when she needs to feel safe.

4-      Badness:

Ever wondered why girls are attracted to bad boys? Because the bad boy creates an aura of mystery around them that is neither good or bad regardless of the name; they make the ones they are with feel safe yet their own qualities, thoughts and feelings are usually hidden beneath the cold and ‘bad’ mask they wear. Once more, try to think of those traits as a mere view and not necessarily something to make you who you are.

5-      Honesty:

People lie all the time to attract women, yet they do not realize that it is mostly the main reason to drive women away from them. When a woman meets an honest man, immediate attraction occurs if they fit into her eyes as a potential partner and they brag about how honest their man is to their friends.

6-      Kindness:

Yet another that you should have regardless to what you are inside. Being kind cannot be faked like being a bad boy or being mysterious. Being kind is something that will make people of all ages, looks and shapes get attracted to you whether romantically or not.

At the end, you are who you are and nothing is going to change that and if the person whom you like is not willing to put you as a potential partner then you will need more than a bit of a view to get them to like you.

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