Signs of Domestic Violence and Abuse

August 26, 2012 by kslater  
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Know the signs before it is too late.

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to both men and women. Sometimes a person is being abuse and does not realize that it is abuse until it is too late.

When people are in these relationships they often find it very hard to get out of them because, they are still in love with the abuser and/or the abuser can be threatening their partners. It is very important to get out of an abusive relationship because no one deserves to be treated in such a way.

One of the ways that you can tell that you are being abuse is to know the warning signs:

1. The abuser sometimes will put you down or make fun of you.

2. The abuser at times like to control you such as demanding where you go, who are you friends with, forbidding contact with you and family/friends and make all the decisions for you.

3. The abuser will blame his/her abuse on you saying that it is your fault.

4. Sometimes the abuser is quick to get mad.

5. Some abusers will intimidate you with weapons to make you afraid of him/her.

6. A lot of times the abuser will hit you by slapping, punching, kicking, spitting or ANY type of physical contact.

7. Name calling is another type of abuse.

8. Destruction of property can also be a part of abuse.

We all must remember that love never hurts. Never believe it when your lover says that he/she loves you and is hurting you physically, mentally and emotionally. Never think that things will get better. Too often when you think that things are getting better they often get worse. Seek out the help of someone who you think that you can trust such as a best friend, family member, a co-worker or your employer, your best friend’s cousin, the owner of your local corner store, your child’s teacher, a neighbor or ANYONE who you THINK is trust-worthy.

Always remember that abuse is soomething that you do not deserve and you do not have to take abuse from anyone. Seek out help immediately before it is too late. If you stay you just may not have the chance to get out! 

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4 Responses to “Signs of Domestic Violence and Abuse”
  1. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    Very good advice. As the Bible says, Love is patient, love is kind

  2. KittyK Says:

    Abuse, whether physical or verbal is very, very serious and needs to stop…

  3. elee Says:

    I have been following yours writings , all have been wonderful literary


    thanks :

  4. sabanawaz Says:

    Thanks for this share i think if we can recognize the signs we can help other people who are unaware of them

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