Should Women Take on Traditional Male Roles?

July 30, 2009 by elevationsun  
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Articles talks about how women are increasingly taking on traditional male roles and how society should perceive their choices.

Who in the heck decided what is considered a masculine or a feminine role. You don’t have to think very hard to figure out that men are the ones that made that decision. Men are the ones that also decided that women should be paid less for the same work that women do. Women all know that this is a bunch of garbage, yet some women are still victimized by these male decisions. One of the reasons women take on what is termed traditional male jobs is because they are usually more financial rewarding. The other reason is because they have the right to choose what ever in the heck they want to make as their livelihood. It’s called empowerment. A woman has the right to choose what ever career she wants. She has the right to make that vital decision based on her beliefs in what she is capable of accomplishing. What is considered a masculine role? Well it’s usually something that requires a lot of physical strength like construction work, law enforcement, fire workers, plumbers, electrical workers, carpenters and landscaping. Traditional masculine roles can also mean when your in a high position of authority. Like a supervisor or executive of a small or large corporation. Many women hold these positions now however; many of them are paid a significantly lower rate. It is very crucial that women continue to pursue these traditional male roles in order for them to finally create a working environment where women are treated with the same respect as men. Yes! Women should take on traditional masculine roles? Women can sometimes be better at them then men. They usually appreciate the opportunity they have in these roles so they strive harder to perfect their craft.

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