Should People Stop Playing Videogames After a Certain Age?

July 12, 2011 by Emily Rogers  
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With video games becoming more and more mainstream, you have to wonder if there is still an age where people can’t play video games anymore.  The average age of people playing videogames are people in their 30’s and older.  Some women would say it is time for these men to get out of their basements and focus on more important things.  With so many videogames being aimed at adults, is it wrong for so many adults to be gamers?

Here’s the way I look at all of this.

Past generations of people didn’t grow up with videogames.  Our generation did grow up with them.  So I feel our generation will be much more accepting of gamers than previous generations.  I don’t think there will be that age barrier anymore.  I see way more female gamers like myself who are proud to be gamers.  Being a female, I have no problems with a guy playing games since I have been a hardcore gamer for many years.

So what’s your opinion?

Should people stop playing games after a certain age?  Yes or no?

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4 Responses to “Should People Stop Playing Videogames After a Certain Age?”
  1. mykelking Says:

    good work

  2. Peter B. Giblett Says:

    We use computers too much for games. Kids start using them too early in life and go on playing games too late in life. Playing certain games upto 23 or 24 may be acceptable, but then it is important to concentrate on the more serious things in life.

  3. Lucky Star Says:


  4. alex pearson Says:

    I dont hink so no, older people playing games can play them too much but i guess so can kids. if you older and you like to chill ouyt with a bear and some friends and have a play on a game i thinks its good. its just the same as a lady having an age to stop going to hairdresses and beauty salons.

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