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May 12, 2011 by mihaelabuh  
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Who says that if you’ve got a big belly, as your precious child grows inside your body, you can’t wear sexy pregnancy clothes that highlight your feminine features, making you look hot. You are a woman, your womb nurtures a new life, you are beautiful so show it! Don’t hide under large, ugly, clothes.

I’ve always considered maternity wear time, a season of female sexuality and sensuality revealed. Maybe not necessarily in an explicit form or in a language easily understood by everyone, but you can not deny the charm and graceful and sexy air that emanates from a pregnant woman. So, what’s the best way to drag attention towards the beauty of a new life, the most beautiful time in a woman’s life, then wearing some sexy pregnancy clothes?

Have you noticed how pregnant women keep their smile when you complement their the belly, like they know they share a secret that belongs to them and their baby, alone? It is a state which only they, have access, and only other pregnant women can understand.

Unfortunately, society stereotypes prevent us to consider a pregnant woman as sexy. Motherhood is a state characterized by the protection, safety, condition, attributes that are not associated with sensuality. Like all cliches, this should be knocked off.

Just through these qualities, a woman is more feminine, more interesting and certainly more beautiful. Her whole appearance emits sensuality: the fresh complexion, the soft and gentle gestures, the grace of gentle walk, the way in which they express themselves - all these details construct an image that gives a new definition of femininity - more serious and less explicit - sensuality.

So, if you are pregnant then you should check this list of sexy pregnancy clothes to see which one fits you best.

Motherhood Maternity: Short Sleeve Drop waist Maternity Dress

Merona® Maternity V-Neck Drape Knit Dress

MORE of me Women’s Maternity Maternitee Shirt Dress II

Women’s KC and Friends Panther Print Ruffle Chiffon Tunic/Mini-Dress (Maternity)

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Sleeveless Ruffled Surplice Top – Orange Spark

Motherhood Maternity: Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Lace Trim Maternity Top

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2 Responses to “Sexy Pregnancy Clothes”
  1. A9YnD1LV3R Says:

    yes, very sexy.

  2. Dexter Says:

    My wife is pregnant and she is looking for some stylish pregnancy clothes. I really like these designs. Thanks for posting!

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