Sex Problems for Women Over 40 Years Old

March 21, 2009 by rachel Jensen  
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Once a woman reaches her mid forties she may experience mood swings which could hamper her desire to have sex with her man. Unfortunately for her significant other, he may blame mental problems that are the main reason when in reality it could be something she can not help.

It certainly is no secret that men continue to have sexual problems in regards to their erection on non erection issues. It is not surprising that a man can find one of dozens of so called erection solutions. Just turn on the television set and up comes ‘Bob’ or a myriad of nameless characters imitating a poor fool who needs something to ‘Rise’ to the occasion

Women on the other hand have and probably will always continue to support their man and to many ladies, the problems their man has may not be as detrimental to the whole relationship but of course sexual intercourse is something they both would like.

A woman can get by on emotional connections easier than most men for men will feel when they can’t perform sexually, it is the worst thing that could happen and a huge blow to their ego.

Because most women generally will not blame a man for his inadequacy in the bedroom, that most likely will not ruin their relationship. Unfortunately, men WILL blame their significant other if she does not want to have sex with him, at least a majority of men will.

Men will tell their lady that there is something wrong with her and she needs to see a psychiatrist! Well, it is sad because in many of these cases it is NOT a mental issue but a physical issue and it may come down to her going through life’s changes. Menopause is a woman’s Achilles Heel and there is not much she can do to stop it.

Fortunately for women today there are special products that can help her get the sizzle back in her sex life. Trying to explain a woman with menopause to many men is a tough chore because even though they understand it happens, they have a hard time believing that is a good excuse for a woman losing her sex drive. More to the point, the woman in their life is unable to have sex with them and regardless of her excuse, the man will think it is because of something in her mind and therefor she will need professional help.

Definitely there are times when a woman will tend to feel down because her self esteem has been crushed or maybe she has not been told she is attractive or pretty. That can certainly deflate her already probably fragile demeanor and as a result she may shy away from having sex. Also, if she had been molested as a child, it can resurface in her later years as she blocked it out as long as she could.

All these reasons are legitimate but the over riding reason women lose their sex drive after their late forties is menopause.

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    yes menpause effects womens’ minds but when they know that their husbands need sex

    to save prostate and avoid prostate cancer

    they will do and have sex

    i think if they love you.

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