Selfishness Between Women and Men

August 6, 2013 by kevin00  
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Selfishness Between Women and Men.

When we inquired about the selfishness of women and men, then, we will not be able to describe clearly. But, there are some things that we can see, such as:
• Type selfishness
• Attitudes toward nearby
• Nature as human

When we talk about the kind of selfishness, then there are two kinds that can be found, namely:
• Rational
• Emotional

Kind of selfish rational owned by men. Many men being selfish, because one thing they face is not in accordance with what they think.

Emotionally selfish owned by women. This ego appears to the feelings and emotions of women. When a woman in a bad mood, then, a woman can be very frustrating, of course you knew that, right?

About attitudes toward the real can not be used as benchmarks to determine the level of women’s or men’s selfishness. But, if we look at the current state, then, can we find more facts about this easy.

In fact, according to the survey, women are more selfish when we saw of his attitude toward the situation around. Perhaps, it is influenced by the current state is prone to women, so that women are more afraid to act and react to the situation around.

The above, sometimes make women more concerned with themselves than anyone else. This also tends to make a woman look more selfish than men.

Basically, women and men have the same potential selfishness let alone in a relationship.

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