Road Closed by Leigh Russell; A Review

November 30, 2012 by jonathanshaw  
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Road closed by Leigh Russell – a review. Crime writing at its best.

Meeting the author for the first time at a writer’s workshop one night in Cassiobury Park in Watford, Hertfordshire was the trail that led me to this crime mystery. Leigh Russell doesn’t scrape every little Nitti gritty detail onto a paper like Lee Child does, but her autopsy or post-mortem descriptions are second to none. The novel is told in third person, exploring each different characters sides and stories to get a full understanding of the plot. Road Closed delves into the side of domestic violence. There’s a subside feel of the negativity of drugs and poverty, and those that take advantage of other in such vulnerable positions, though its never explained what kind of drugs the characters are on, although drink is a debilitating factor too. I’m sure we all agree that there is no lighter side to Callum, the main villain, who is plain evil and downright bad, like a dalak from Dr WHO. Detective Geraldine is painted as the typical solemn figure in most detective stories such as MORSE who can’t manage relationships but is committed to solving cases – by the book, and not manufacture evidence or pick a suspect at random and build a case like the rubbishy Eliot Stabler in Law and Order SVU. Leigh Russell shows the ups and downs of police work, and that not all the baddies’ can be caught, with so many twists, it just makes us feel it’s a wakeup call to be careful. 

Liked it

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