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April 18, 2013 by Tiki33  
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A lot of women and men think that it’s alright to act foolish and take advantage of each other but it’s not!

What’s going on? Women are calling each other female dogs and men are calling women garden tools. Where’s the respect? Do women really want to be known as witches, cross out the w and replace it with you know what? Do men really want to be known as dogs? Why are women disrespecting wives, mothers and caretakers? The dignity seems to be fading fast.

The clothing seemed to disappear, the communication became so violent and no one sits and talks about his or her concerns anymore. If a women feels disrespected she wants to get someone to fight that person who disrespected her and than it’s an all out war. It’s crazy? Men are trying to have numerous women on their arm. The respect is gone and when is it coming back?

No one should want to be disrespected and it seems that people are doing it all the time, some seem to be immune to it. Can we all be civilized? Women want to fight over men and men want to go after many women. Where’s the home training or did they just forget it? Why can’t they show respect and pray? Perhaps prayer has no part of their lives. Not all women are disrespectful and not all men are disrespectful but for those who are they may need to revise themselves.

The cursing, shouting and dysfunctional behaviors has no place. Do they ever listen to themselves? What are men thinking when they go after women who have no respect for themselves and what are women thinking when they choose someone who lives for the streets? The violence between the two is just ridiculous. If you love than love and if you can’t than move forward. 

All parties need to be respectful but there’s so much drama. There’s television shows that depict women as low down no good creatures. Women shouldn’t want to be portrayed in a negative light. Men should want to be seen as strong, smart and protective of their mates. The disrespect is causing people to clash and than the wall crumbles into pieces. There needs to be some positive changes going on within men and women. Let’s get it together people!

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