Rejection and Approach Anxiety

July 30, 2012 by kemmoh  
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Do not be afred of women available

of reproductive age (18-25years).

Logically the rejection does not hurt, but emotionally, rejection

can be a real pain …

To understand this we must look at the environment of the former for

which we were designed.

In a tribal group, there will be some small numbers of women available

of reproductive age (18-25years).

When a man approaches one of these

women, it may be rejected, and if that happens, all the other women

will, thus reducing its value to them – perhaps to the point where no

of these beautiful women will not sleep with him. It is called The

Preselection – women look for social validation of their choice.

A suitor who is preselected will be more attractive, while a man

rejected will be less, much less.

For all these reasons and more, men are naturally selected for

to experience Anxiety Approach. Logically, of course, corrections

of modern society, these problems. If I am rejected, I can just go

in another part of the club, or leave the club altogether. I shall never see

probably never have any of these people. But my emotions do not know

this. My emotions are trying to do what is best for me.

So how can you avoid rejection?

The answer is: you can not. This is not the solution to avoid being

vulnerable. Rather, the solution is to embrace your vulnerability, to embrace

rejection, and let the Field show you what is good and what is bad.

In addition to Approach Anxiety is the result of discharges imagined, not real.

Finally, the time taken in the Field desensitize you to the emotion of rejection.

In a game where you could play five or ten sets every night, losing

a few here and there never will be a big deal lost.

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