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March 5, 2011 by precious pearl  
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Beat the Recession by making your own clothes and accessories.
Its cheap simple and fun and very very therapeutic!

Have you noticed lately how shops are full of so many beautiful things but  always come with an expensive price tag well it wouldn’t cost you nothing to recycle,reuse,and reinvent.

I am going to share my experiences with you and get you  all inspired so hopefully you will all be able to make and enjoy your very own  clothes and accessories.

Its easy, fun,enjoyable and makes you proud when you  have created something unique with your own bare hands.

It doesn’t take long once you have all the right equipment,all  you need is some creative imagination and sewing skills and your looking at your own designed masterpiece ! viola !

You can upcycle any old clothes from your wardrobe anything that’s looking dull and worn out don’t throw it away!

Reinvent and make it into something special and unique! Be your own designer ! Get the creative juice flowing  get the girls together and have a party!

I am so excited to tell you all how simple old curtains can be turned into beautiful dresses and skirts. Floral look is in this year ! So scissors and needles at the ready recycle,reuse and create your  own designer couture pieces. 

Its World Book day this week so I am going make my seven year old daughter an princess dress from curtains I had laying about.

Old cardigans can be glammed up with so many things. The choice is endless depending on your choice old vintage lace for an girly look,cute buttons,cut out old motifs hand sewn  anywhere you please.Decorate shoulders or neckline add old jewellery to add extra bling if your daring. Remember there’s no rules just enjoy and have fun!

Flower corsages are everywhere hair-clips,clothes even shoes, these are very easy and simple  to make too once you get the hang of them you will be making dozens ! 

Roses are easy to make, cut out strips of fabric (soft fabrics such as silk,crepe and chiffon are ideal,)

Sew running stitches, pull and  gather to create rose shapes another method is cut different size circles and layer on top of each to make it fuller and sew.

Flowers can be made easily and added to anything your heart desires. You can try different texture also by cutting  and experimenting with different fabrics and materials. Lighter materials for spring,summer and heavy fabric for winter such old scraps from an old jumper.

You can make brooches to dress up your clothes or make to give as presents to friends and family and it doesn’t stop there you even use on plain cushions to jazz up your living rooms or bedrooms.

Old jewellery’s can be easily added to a brooch back and made into brooches and made into necklaces.

Really I can go on and on about so many things you can do with old clothes but I will let you experiment and see what you come up with.

Once you start making you wouldn’t be able to stop and especially once you walk out and your friends see your creation your bound to get compliments to make you smile!

So enjoy designing and making your masterpieces and smile when you get compliments and know you have beaten the recession and saved money!

Good luck and I hope you have enjoyed reading my article please leave comment if you liked it x

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