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April 12, 2012 by sosisberty  
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Indeed, make the event fun is when the game can bring a partner to climax.

Unfortunately, many women often face the problem of this one. In fact, many of them who do not understand why can not enjoy the end of the romance that is often called a climax.

Highlights the problems that are difficult to understand this, you need not worry. The fact is that not all women reach climax during the first time they made love.

Answer about about unsolved pleasure to the peak of orgasm, the Times of India summarizes the different ways that you can flash play, namely:

Try different positions

If so far you and your partner only concern themselves with the missionary position, then you really will not make a change in sex activity. But try different positions according to the more fun you and your partner. Here you should focus on bringing a partner to orgasm, then it is better if a couple who decide the game.

If you do not try something new and different, then you will never know if this will work for you and your partner. Woman on top position is touted as the greatest position that could bring her to the top of orgasm. The women were also able to launch their action starts from slow motion to expedite the movement.

Do not watch too much blue film

Do not get too hung up on the description of an orgasm that was poured from a novel or erotic film, because it is usually always exaggerated. You may only occasionally watch blue films together with your partner, but not too often. You should focus in order to bring a partner to the peak of orgasm.

The twist and bite intimate clitoral area

Despite the women wanted to be an unbeatable pair in every battle, they also wait for extraordinary sensation that comes from their partner. As the twist is combined with tender bites in the clitoris area. This method is believed to make him forget the great game from you.

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