Primping for a Date Tomorrow Night! ^_~ (10 Step List)

September 26, 2010 by Aubrie Belle  
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Date prep-ing tips based on my own experiance ;)

Your favorite bloggers got a date with a real prince charming tomorrow night! Seriously, this guy is unbelievably charming and gorgeous! It’s date number 2 so there’s good news and bad news: Its less awkward and nerve-wracking then date 1, but you still have to look just as hot as you did on the last one.

Every smart girl knows that hot date prep starts the day before the date itself. So today i’m doing a run-through of pampering prep-work:

1. Facial!

2. Hair-moiturizing and repair treatment

3. Teeth-whitening strips (twice today and twice tomorrow)

4. Under eye cream (for bags or circles, cause i’m always up late. Plus it makes you look younger.)

5. Drink extra water and use lotion (moisturizes the skin and gives you a glow plus using lotion the day before guarantees no stickiness but still suppleness).

6. Shave legs (No, Aubrie doesn’t let him touch on the 2nd date but i will be wearing a skirt for his viewing enjoyment,lol!)

7. Use witch hazel and oil-free moisturizer on face (Witch hazel is a toner that really makes your skin glow. It can dry you out though so only use a few times a week and always moisturize!)

8. Pick an outfit  (i do NOT wanna be running around panicking at the last minute.)

9. Pick hair and make-up styles to match and accent outfit. Paint nails to match.

10. Get to bed early!

And that’s pretty much it. Aside from that i’ll be day dreaming about him, he’s so yummy! ^_~

                                                                                     Wish me luck, loves!

                                                                                                   -Love always, Aubrie Belle-

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