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Who are they.

  I  never thought  much  about polygamy until I started watching the reality TV show Sister Wives . I found the  show to be very  interesting. The wives and kids are adorable.but adorable as they were I just   can’t comprehend how a women could share her  husband with     other women, in this case   there are four wives to share.

The husband in my  opinion seemed  to be arrogant and controlling.

  The first wife  stood out beyond the other three. There seemed to be a husband wife bond that was not sensed between the husband and   the other wives.Wife 2 and 3 seemed to just be friends with the husband as well as sex partners. Wife #4 is the youngest and prettiest. You can   tell just by the way he looks at her that there relationship is based on sex.

It is against the Law in the United States to have more than one wife, and what kind of women would want to    live that life style.

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