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May 31, 2013 by santoshskumar  
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Painting a positive picture for life.

You are where you are, have what you have, and are getting what you are getting because of your choices. You were born with your own set of wings. If you are not using them, there is no one else to blame. Even if you do have someone to blame for something in your past that knocked you down, you are the one responsible for staying on the ground—if that is where you still are. Once you recognize that you have fallen, you have the option to get up and move on, and the obligation to yourself to act on that option if you want to see change in your life.

You have to take responsibility for your life; if you don’t, who will? Don’t blame everything and everyone for your misfortunes. We all face challenges that knock us down; the question is, what are you going to do about them? Are you going to stay down and blame the world, or get up, grow up, and move on? When you stop blaming others and making excuses about why you are living the life that you are, you will gain a new and refreshing perspective on life.

Unless you are mentally or extremely physically incapable, then you have no excuses—not a single one. In fact, even people with some unbelievable physical challenges, like Helen Keller, have overcome tremendous obstacles to reach greatness. If you feel inadequate, it is because you have allowed the negative thoughts, the past, or something else unsavory to be the master of your destiny. We are not perfect and we do not live in a perfect world. People will hurt us; some will take advantage of us. We will make mistakes and fail; but blaming the government, the weather, our ex‚Äźpartner, or anything else will not help us achieve our dreams.

One should always remember this true fact of one’s self that;

·         Success—starts with attitude.

·         Improvement—starts with attitude.

·         Getting new business—starts with attitude.

·         Better customer service—starts with attitude.

·         Winning—starts with attitude.

·         A better relationship—

·         Earning more money—

·         Losing weight—

·         Getting the sale—

·         Getting hired—

All start with attitude

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