Out of Her League

October 20, 2011 by Nikonchapel  
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The same story told with different characters, just less of a happy ending.

      Derek saw her, he loved her, but it’s not like it was going to happen. Derek was the reject of the rejects and she was the cool of the cool. His nights were spent doing homework and playing games. Her nights were spent partying and experiments with drugs of every sort.

    Derek would pass her in the hallway, he might smile at her, and she might smile back. Maybe Derek would say hi, and maybe she would say hi back. Other then that, there was no relationship. Derek did not know how to do this. In video games Derek would take the role of a confident character, fighting his way through any situation. However Derek was not the character, he could not get with this girl by just pressing a button. The game of love is a game that Derek did not understand.

    In the game of love you did not need to know action commands, you needed to know words. In the game of love, you would not have to worry about a healthbar you would need to worry about the thoughts of the other person. In the game of Love……. once you mess up, you can’t press a button and try again. The game of Love was a different kind of game for Derek, because it wasn’t even a game.

        Derek liked her, maybe she liked him too. They were hints of it. Derek told other people that he liked her, and those people “might” have told her. However Derek never found out how she reacted to it. Maybe she was grossed out. Maybe she despised Derek. Derek would have given anything to know how she felt. He would have given anything to please her. Derek would do everything to protect her and love her.

      Derek didn’t know how to talk to people, he didn’t know how to talk to girls. How to know when he has gone too far, when something was funny and when it was not. Derek had no idea how to approach her. He was too shy for his own good.

     Derek had dreams… of a wife and children. In the dream Derek would come home, and this beautiful woman would greet him. He would say ” Honey I’m Home”, and then he and the woman would sit down, with their two children. Derek liked this dream, but when it was time for High School graduation, and when he saw the girl go into the car with a football player, and when he saw her drive away. He knew.. that this dream would never come true.

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