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February 2, 2011 by DarkBlueRinse  
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Questions of why and discovering the Goddess with in!

 The past couple of months I have spent my time exploring a path to a new divine. I started to question my beliefs and started asking the age old question, “Why am I here”. It occurred to me that if I don’t have a single purpose, then is it simply for entertainment purposes only that I even exist. Even with all these people in the world and all this progression of mind over material, what are we doing here?

So, here I sat and wondered for long periods of time, coming up with the meaning of life and then 10 minutes later forgetting what it was that I decided to go on a journey of self discovery. I found meetup.com, and I set out to meet others with the same questions as me.

The Goddess studio was my first stop. I went to my very first meeting filled with wonder and curiosity. Could there really be people like me? Wondering through life, determined to understand the meaning of it all? Well, there was and there are, but first things first. What does that mean, Sacred Feminine? Who is my Goddess?

So here it is in a nut shell…

 Sacred Feminine is a term referring to understanding the divine feminine. I know sounds like mumbo jumbo. Let’s break it down like this, once upon a time people worshipped women not men. Holy cow, that is a mind blowing, life altering concept. But, Darkblue, how can that be? Glad you asked, well it is pretty basic when you think about it. Women can give birth, and women bleed. Men cant. Which we all know, but what we all don’t really know, is that way back when, people found that to be a miracle. They were amazed that a woman could bleed every month and not die from it. Now, due to time constraints I am not going to get into the whole theology of this, or even the right or wrong of it. I feel that each person has the right to their beliefs. For me however, I can tell you that this was my “AHA Moment”.

Suddenly, every thing made sense, and seemed to fall into place. A woman in place of a man? Could God be a woman? I dont know, and I dont care. Male or Female God is god and maybe God is an it. Who knows. What really matters in all of this, is not whether you worship a male or female god, but really how you feel about yourself. I came out of my meeting, not changed in my belief system, but changed in my belief of myself. I feel like for so long, I have spent my time caring about what a man thinks of me and how a man sees me! What! I know; but I have and I know others have too. We dont spend our time thinking about what we think about ourselves. Why not? Well, because we are not programmed that way. We are “taught” to care about what the world thinks of us.

If I am not pretty am I still a Goddess?

Ok, so here’s the deal, not everyone in this world is going to agree with me on how I feel about evolving into this goddess mindset, and that’s ok.  Society is what defines pretty and normal. The Sacred Feminine does’nt work that way. We uphold and give honor to all Goddesses, the pretty, the crone, the wrathful, the ugly and the strong. I have formed some wonderful relationships with underworld Goddesses and there is nothing ugly about them. Embracing every part of yourself is what makes you divine, sacred and at peace. For it is only when we learn to love ourselves are we truly able to love others.

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