Nine Tips on Attracting Women

August 10, 2011 by ravray  
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Nine Tips On Attracting Women.

Here’s nine useful things to give you the edge in your quest for love.

1.) The power of a smile. A smile shows that you are relaxed and confident. It also relaxes others and is definitely an ice breaker. Add some cockiness to your smile and you’re projecting an alpha male image. A complete turn-on for women.

2.) Dressing well. How you dress can have a dramatic effect on your physical attractiveness. If this is true with respect to female attractiveness (and we’ve all done a double take when the plain Jane at work shows up at a social occasion in a stunning dress), it’s true for male attractiveness. New, stylish clothing that fits well is a must. Another important item: your shoes. This seems to be important to women, so be sure that your shoes are stylish, polished, and clean.

3.) Fitness. Being fit and healthy attracts women. If you’re not athletically inclined and hate working out, then try looking fit. This means having a good posture and walking with a relaxed athletic grace. Don’t hunch your shoulders, keep them back and down. Clothing with a good fit helps.

4.) If you have an independent streak, then now is the time to show it. Women love this because it’s a sign of strength. Independence is the opposite of neediness. Most women thoroughly detest neediness. If you find yourself in a relationship with a women that wants a needy man, it’s probably not healthy.

5.) Know what you want from life and what you want in a woman. If you give the impression that any female with two legs will do, it will reflect badly on you. If you have no standards, it implies that you don’t think highly of yourself. You will seem undesirable and desperate.

6.) If you have a quick mind, use it. Women love wit and cleverness. Appropriate humor delivered rapidly is key. Even a remark that’s only mildly funny can be very effective if delivered quickly.

7.) Be a flexible conversationalist. The more that you can talk about, the greater your ease at relating to a variety of women. It’s so much easier when you’re on top of the subject being discussed. There’s no groping around for the next thing to say. Being able to connect with a woman because of some common ground is powerful. How do you do this? Be curious about the world around you. Observe things. Read some books.

8.) Don’t make obvious efforts at blending in. Blend in too well and you’ll become a piece of wallpaper. You want to stand out in some way. Be unique. Don’t follow the pack because that’s what beta males do. Be a leader.

9.) Be a tease. Knowing the proper way to tease a woman can be very enjoyable for both your and her. It creates sexual tension (always a good thing) and it demonstrates that you’re not phased by her stunning beauty. While everyone else dishes out the usual compliments, you’ll come across as different. Teasing is an art and should be playful. If you spent your childhood teasing your sisters (I was merciless) then you’ll be a natural. If you tease inappropriately, it will backfire. Do it skillfully or don’t do it at all.

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  1. Ram Bansal Says:

    Women want appreciation and nothing else. You do it and win their hearts.

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