Mysterious Female Orgasm

May 25, 2011 by tonyleather  
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An ancient question that has defied the most logical of thought and debate for centuries is still, despite attempts at proper research, as mysterious as ever/

Some women have problems reaching orgasm due to genetics, according to researchers at Keele and London, in the UK. Through the study of four thousand twins, they found female orgasm not to be as some have claimed, due to social behaviour, but rather an evolutionary tool for helping women to find the best male to mate with. Getting a proper understanding of the genes involved could lead the way to developing

to drugs to help women reach orgasm whenever they want.

The fascinating conclusions of this study also showed that that women who orgasm easily are less particular about the sexual skill displayed by a male than those ladies who have difficulties. Professor Tim Spector, and a team of colleagues, DNA tested over 4,000 women between19 and 83, 50% identical and 50% non-identical twins, participants asked to submit confidential facts about their sexual lives as well..


33% women claimed never or seldom to have reached orgasm, over 10% claiming to orgasm during intercourse every time they had sex. Strangely, only just over a third said they managed orgasm through masturbation, as opposed to a tiny 2% failure rate in males. Another odd finding was that orgasm happened more often for identical female twins than non-identical ones, suggesting that  some genetic component must be involved.

Director of London’s St Thomas’ Hospital Twin Research Unit, Professor Tim Spector reported that 34 to 45 per cent of the orgasm ability variation was explicable by genetic variation. biological underlying influences upbringing, religion or race could not account for, suggesting that evolution plays a role because of the. variations being inheritable. Some postulate that the orgasm promotes fertility, women slightly more likely to orgasm during fertile periods, sperm uptake being increased through enhanced muscle contractions.

From the female point of view, the man considered strong, caring, and thoughtful enough, both in bed and in providing for the family is more likely to remain a long-term partner, thus being a better bet for bringing up children.  The problem is that the pinpointing of the genes involved may well take years . There are many other factors involved, all inter-related, so a single drug treatment may not actually work well, even if perfected over time.

It is possible women who had orgasms too easily were poor selectors of mates, while the choosier ones tested the men they pecked by seeing if they appreciated the difference in length of time taken to reach climax,  which for the woman averages five times longer than the male. If the man involved paid attention to her needs as well as his own, then he was a good prospect.

Genes involved might work on a physical level, causing physical variations in the female genitalia, such as G-spot, vagina angle, or clitoris sensitivity, or they may work psychologically, altering confidence or mood, according to hormone or enzyme activity. This would probably be from the female line, though that is still unclear.  What is certain is that, were motivation and funding for research more readily available, answers might be forthcoming, but the truth is that this remains very much a taboo area.

Whatever the final solution might be to the age-old question of what exactly the female orgasm is, and why some women never experience it in their lives, will remain a matter of intense debate for the foreseeable future. Small glimpses have been gained, into that mysterious, unknown territory, but it seems that will, for now, be all anybody gets. Unless attitudes change a loy in society, the mystery is likely to remain just that.+

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5 Responses to “Mysterious Female Orgasm”
  1. Sara Holt Says:

    Not so mysterious if you know what you’re doing. I think men spend too much time thinking and talking about this subject. Women out there know what I’m talking about.

  2. Melanie T Says:

    Sara is right! Though I will not go into detail, I can say that men need to listen to what a woman wants in the bedroom! If what he’s doing makes her “happy” he needs to build on that, and he will know if what he’s doing is right (and in the right place) by the reactions he gets from her!

  3. alvinwriter Says:

    There are various levels of connecting and women are at different planes. Some high, some low. Knowing where you are can help your expectations.

  4. Arkine Says:

    There are a lot more factors than just genetics, but this is an interesting article. ;)

  5. vijayanths Says:

    Interesting and informative.

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