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February 13, 2012 by Erika Hall  
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A short article on how I realised I could help others.

My friend Jeane came to stay with me recently at my home in the mountains of southern Spain and I know she was impressed by what I had achieved in the three years since we had last met.  

When we got around to discussing her own programme of helping women to become ‘empowered’, we realised that I could contribute too, by simply showing what I had achieved here.

In addition, on further personal reflection, it became clear to me that over the past year, in particular, so many women had expressed their admiration and even wonder at my abilities that I had already begun to think I may be a bit unusual after all!   Quite honestly, I have never thought I was exceptional, I just got on with what was necessary to get to where I wanted to be!   Now, however, I do understand that not everyone is capable of easily doing this but when my own life seemed to have been thrown up into the air, instead of waiting for pieces to flutter down again, aimlessly, to me, there didn’t seem to be any alternative but to grab the bits I wanted and to use them as the foundations for my new existence.   The challenges were there to face and overcome – to build upon – and more importantly, accepting that everything has a reason, my own upheaval and eventual successful reorganisation achieved with little or no support, had, at the very least, equipped me to teach others how to cope!

So here I was, living in a converted farm house in the mountains of southern Spain, without electricity, a very basic water supply and well, traumatic happenings daily … but in our chats I told her that lately I had also begun to recognise that I now keep meeting women who desperately need guidance to get out of the habit of looking at everything in such a negative way for themselves …. and so I eventually wrote and published my book There is An Alternative.

See, I have done most things I wanted to;  I’ve travelled a great deal and although I was born in England, have lived out of the country for a great many years now.   I’ve been a high-flying business woman, a wife, mother, aunty (now even a great aunty); I am, and always have been, extremely independent, I totally believe in fairness, courtesy, good manners, saving the planet from further abuse;   I dislike violence, waste, chauvanism (especially the male kind!), bigotry or unkindness and I WILL NEVER, EVER, understand how anyone can commit an act of cruelty to children or animals.    And don’t even get me started on the subject of pedeaphilia ….I will never shut up here!

Most of all then, I think women should be able to stand alone if they wish to, without ridicule or any sense of “Isn’t she peculiar as she doesn’t need a man and has chosen to live on her own” and an applied intelligence to this, WILL, I am convinced, allow us to enjoy that freedom, worldwide, one day.

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