My First Eyelash Extensions..

August 8, 2012 by Rarity HIll  
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I have always wanted to have long and curly eyelashes and this desire would most especially peak during special events.

I have always wanted to have long and curly eyelashes and this desire would most especially peak when there are special events I have to attend. I know that some women find it easy to install or use the fake ones that one can quickly put and remove but I am not one of these women who possess this skill. First off, I have bad eyes and secondly, I do not have steady hands and the chances of sticking those fake lashes into my eyeballs are quite high. So my obsession has remained just that until one day I heard about eyelash extensions which one could easily have for a very low price.  These extensions are said to last for a month or two and you only need to have retouches after that in order to continually enjoy the look.  So off I sailed to a nearby island in order to have this much-needed beauty attachment. After asking for directions, I was finally able to locate the shop that does the service.  It took an hour and a half to install all 120 eyelashes!  I did nothing but lie down with my eyes closed for an hour and a half.  Prices depended on the number of lashes you want to add to your original ones.  You could opt to have only 60 or 80 or 100.  I chose 120 because the price is just fine with me and I thought having additonal 60 lashes on each of my upper eyelids would be the best option. After the procedure was done, I was instructed to open my eyes.  Lo and behold!  I now see thick and curly eyelashes.  Wow.  I felt ecstatic. A piece of paper containing instructions and warnings was given to me but I thought I was okay since I did not feel anything right after that.  The warning includes something about having reddish eyes for a while and feeling some burning sensation in the eyes, and what to do if that happens.  Well, I felt nothing until after 18 hours when I my eyes started to hurt.  I was travelling back home then so I had to instruct the cab driver to stop by the nearest drugstore so I could buy some eye drops. Whew.  That was extreme.  I had to ask a stranger to drop some Visine into my irritated eyes. The cost of vanity.

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  1. Martin Kloess Says:

    Good work thank you for sharing.

  2. Rarity HIll Says:

    |Thanks, Martin.

  3. Eiddwen Says:

    A great share.

  4. Rarity HIll Says:

    Thank you Eiddwen.

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