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April 28, 2011 by jeepers  
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Various styles you’ve ever tried, and indeed no doubt you are enjoying a long night that was so fun with your partner. But would not you missed a classic moment in which the missionary style of coloring all the moments of your honeymoon?

Let’s reminisce on some time ago, long after the wedding procession, of course tiring if you immediately step on the gas to try all of our tips. Missionary style is the best choice to start the beautiful moments with your partner. The beauty and pleasures may still imagine and even until today, however, we are not going to give tips to repeat the same moment. Because we are here to give a special flavor in your ‘kitchen’.

What makes most women feel comfortable with this missionary style?

As quoted from AskMen, while doing missionary style, each partner can feel a deeper emotional bond, with a touch, and gaze directly to the spouse. In this position too deep penetration can be achieved by men, so women enjoying every moment until her orgasms.

Sounds like fun right? Let’s maximize missionary style with some additional styles below!

At Your Feet Shoulder lean Couple

This style is not difficult to do really. At the time of penetration is in, lift your feet and lean on his shoulders. Make sure you are in a state of relaxation for the foot muscles are not interested too seriously. Maybe your partner can help hold your legs so as not too tired.

Position Lock

In this position, ask the couple to get closer to your body. Wrap feet on both shoulders and a key partner’s body with your legs. This way you will feel more closeness with a partner. Your whole body was touching and penetration can be deeper and maximum.

Sandwich Your Feet!

If Mr. P has been entered into, ask the couple to take a position push-ups. Sandwich both your ankles and enjoy penetration in many times. In addition to a deep penetration, this position is advantageous for those who are hard to ‘turn-on’. Friction Mr. P also will greet the clitoris, so Ms. Cheerful will remain wet and ready for penetration-the penetration further.

Do not be surprised if in this position you get multiple orgasms yes … Our missionary today is accomplished!

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