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March 23, 2013 by FireStar0139  
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An Article to help Military members understand why their spouses.

So after talking to my husband today about our up coming anniversary, he told me that every time he mentions how happy we are to his co-workers, or anything like that, they look at him like he’s crazy and say: “Your wife still touches you? How long have you been married? Like a year?” While still laughing I responded: 

“No! You just didn’t turn into a duch bag!” 

After seeing the way other men in the military treat their wives, talking down to them, ordering them around, treating them pretty much like a maid or personal servant, leaving them behind when they go out to ‘have fun’, and then going and making fun of them to their friends, or even complaining about them- Like how they want to spend time with them, or how they want them to pick up after themselves, or ask them to get involved with their children, or be a productive member of the family, or basically anything trying to get them to act like an adult. Hell I’ve even heard a man complain because his wife refused to do HIS laundry… After seeing all that, it’s easy to appreciate my husband. Who is respectful to me, and involved with our children, and  who actually takes into account how I’d feel if he went out and left me to watch the kids without even bothering to tell me about it, or asking me if I’d like to go with him. It’s clear to me why most military wives are unhappy. Because their men, treat them like crap, and assume that they will bend over backwards to do whatever their husbands want. 

Boys, your Girls aren’t your personal servants, even if you marry them- you can still loose them if you don’t treat them right. Just because a girl has your children doesn’t mean she’s your full time babysitter any time you want to go out. No. Being part of a family means not treating them like an ‘afterthought’ or a ‘burden’. It involves things like taking your wife out with you when you go drinking- and calling a sitter, it means playing with your children, and being respectful to your wife, standing up for her when others try to put her down, because you understand that when you, or someone else, insults her, their insulting you. She is after all, Your Choice.   If your wife seems run down and tired when you get home from work, and she hasn’t even made dinner yet, how about, rather than complaining that your hungry, you make dinner for the family. If theirs laundry building up and your running out of cloths, don’t act like a helpless child. Even my three year old knows how to do laundry. Man up, and do it yourself. Seriously, their worth it. If you add in everything a stay at home mom does for you, it adds up to over eighty thousand dollars. No, that’s not a typo, if you higher someone to do all the work a housewife does, it would cost you over eighty thousand dollars to afford it all. So try to show a little appreciation. You’d be surprised how much being respectful, and appreciative to her will improve your relationship. 

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