Mexican Vampire Woman

March 10, 2012 by tonyleather  
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She was last week named the most unusual woman on earth, and no wonder, because her look is one nobody could easily forget.

If you were a woman who had suffered from domestic violence, and dropped in to an advice centre on the quiet, the very last thing you might expect to find sitting behind that advice desk would be a heavily tattooed, misshapen headed vampire, bit in one place, that is exactly what you would get.

Aptly dubbed Vampire Woman, Mexican Maria Jose Cristerna, mother of four, turned herself into a vampire look-a-like after herself suffering ten years of abuse, has set up an agency to  help other victims. The 36-year-old former lawyer has a Catholic family background, but nonetheless makes an impressive sight.

With a mere 2% of her body NOT covered with tattoos, Maria has also has four fangs dentally implanted and titanium horns surgically placed beneath her head skin. Odd as it might seem, this amazing woman apparently became interested in piercings and tattoos as her unique method for way of recovering from abuse trauma, using her fearsome appearance these days both to help raise awareness and to help others.

 Maria has the aim of bringing back to life mythological character Lilith – said to have been the actual first wife of Adam, before Eve appeared. She was, according to god, Adam’s equal, left Eden after he refused, during sex, to let her go on top.

For her own reasons, Maris equates that incident to her own abuse experiences over a ten year period.  Over the past year and a half, this iconic woman has become well known for her extreme look, to be immortalized in wax at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, her striking appearance undoubtedly generating gasps from viewers.

She recently displayed her latest look at at a Monterrey tattoo exhibition, insisting she still lives a normal life, in most respects, feeling that her horns are a symbol of strength, implanted without anaesthetic, the fangs implanted because she loved vampires as a little girl, and eye colour being changed to what she really wanted or herself.

Maria is not, however, done with her transformation, wanting to have titanium horns in the back of her head, and completing the body tattooing. She was last week named the most unusual woman on earth, and no wonder, because her look is one nobody could easily forget.

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4 Responses to “Mexican Vampire Woman”
  1. Ghizlane Elouazzani Says:


  2. dixie1965 Says:

    lol this would be my daughter if she could afford this… cool article

  3. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    ohhhooopsssss I shouldn’t be in her way lol

  4. Donna Says:

    Good on her :) She is being who she wants to be and it would probably reassure me more than anything to walk to that desk and see her behind it. Everything shouts independence and knowing she has been through the circumstance and now looks (and hopefully feels) that bad ass. She looks awesome (though I am into more alternative appearances and music etc myself so I have known a lot of people looking similar – all who have been the kindest, nicest people you can meet willing to help others.) She is proof that some should not by looks alone. I know many will be proud and envious of her.

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