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The first world problem in the world is owned by women, have boyfriends or husbands who reluctantly accompany shopping.

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The first world problem in the world is owned by women, have boyfriends or husbands who reluctantly accompany shopping. Hmmm … feels grateful if you have a girlfriend who diligently and patiently to accompany you shopping. But most men believe that women think a waste of time and a matter of wasteful spending.

Well, it could be some time women have indeed wasteful spending. But, did you know many women who become smary shopper while shopping.

And sometimes it finally pissed himself when he’s forced to accompany the shop, there was only his actions that make you exasperated. For example, the face scowl all the way, or ravings about the price is too expensive. Well, so it does not happen again, let’s make your man happy to accompany you shop. How do I? Follow tricks from us.

Do not let it wait in the car

The first rule is never to let your lover or husband waited in the car. Ask your accompany walking everyday just to unwind.

If you managed to persuade him down, then it will be easier to make it also ‘like’ activities accompany your shopping.

Ask for their opinions

Always ask your opinion when selecting goods, thus he was required by you. And it would be better if you keep the occasional taste and buy goods that she chose.

Do not be more expert

Generally it is much more observant woman in the shop, because of course, always pay attention to detail ranging from the stitching, to defects in the goods. This time, let your partner who analyzed it, and let him who is expert this time.

Ask taste

Ask how his taste to your appearance. Does he prefer to see you wear a dress or shirt B. That way you know her taste, and attracted him to accompany you shop.

Men will be excited when talking about matters relating to his taste, or your appearance., Believe me.

Give an explanation

Men are often wondered why women are willing to walk a few stores to get the price deodorant cheaper price. Well, you could explain why women often do so. Actually, he could understand why if you give a strong logic.

Make sure he is not hungry

Men generally easy emotion when he was hungry. To that end, make sure he is in full condition when you take the road. Thus communication and thoughts will be much quieter.

Once, twice you make it a personal expert or consultant while shopping, then he would not have objections again at a later time if you take her shopping.

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