Men, You Can Attract More Women If You Have a Very Deep Voice

September 13, 2011 by Norm Schneider  
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Those baritone voices may be a chick-magnate.

Women, do you just go crazy when a man with a really, really deep voice speaks to you?  Men, are you looking for a date?

Well, scientists have apparently found the ideal, failure-proof way for solving an age-old problem – how can I get a date?  The answer – men you gotta lower your voice.  Really!

Once again science is taking us to places you would have thought they’d never go – or at least you thought going there would be pretty low on the research totem pole. 

Who Needs Dr. Phil?

Undaunted, however, and knowing how important it is for them to help men and women get together and enjoy eternal bliss the researchers discarded any thought of serious research – like curing cancer – and decided to help out the lovelorn.  Who needs Dr. Phil?

The researchers figured out that if men want women to remember them, guys should speak in a very low voice – you know, deep from the diaphragm, way down there.  Do that, they say, and women will be falling all over you.  Guess it’s worth a try if nothing else has worked for you.

Experiments Show Women Go Ga-Ga for the Baritone

So, how did they figure out how this works?  Did they send women to the opera?  Did they have various men read the Gettysburg Address in different voices?  Nothing that interesting.  They conducted two experiments.  First, they showed some women a picture of an object while they listened to the name of the object being spoken in either a high or low male or female voice.  Later they were asked to look at another picture of a similar product to the first and determine which was one they had seen earlier.  In the second experiment women were asked to rate voices they heard.  The results – the women preferred a low male voice and remembered more photos when they were described by a deep male voice.

It’s All About Evolution and Getting a Mate

According to the researchers this proves women prefer low males voices and their choice was developed over time.  Evolution, apparently, made women see and feel that men with low voices would be better partners insuring the preservation of the species.

So, are squeaky voiced males doomed to the evolutionary scrap heap?  Will they never get a date?  Are they condemned to spend their Saturday nights playing video games that feature women who don’t care what they sound like?  Maybe that’s the topic of another great bit of research.  Come on all you high-voiced guys – chip in a few bucks and we can fund some important research here.  Cancer cures can wait, can’t they?

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3 Responses to “Men, You Can Attract More Women If You Have a Very Deep Voice”
  1. sylviagaile Says:

    Hahaha!! This is so true! I like men with deep voices. It’s very manly for me. Way to go friend!

  2. Karen Gross Says:

    This is good news for all of the squeaky voiced cyber geeks out there – just wait until she falls in love before you meet in real life.

  3. erwinkennythomas Says:

    deep voice or not, women tend to go for security! that is unless they are independently well off!

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