“Men with Broken Wrists”

June 5, 2013 by novert  
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I have an imbalance of hormones, as such people called me a girl as I was growing up, this lead to my hatred for homosexuals until I finally met a few and realised that they are just as human as I am and deserves the same love and respect. I compare, in this article, homosexuals to abusers and concluded that I prefer to be labeled a homosexual than a woman-beater.

I remember as a child growing-up, the term ‘men with broken wrists’ was one you didn’t want to be applied to you. But unfortunately it soon got attached to me. The classification was constituted to men who hung their wrists like women, for it was thought that a man must have stand tall, straight and be strong, holding back every tear must always be rough. I was never like that, so I was thought of as being too tender and soft as a girl and so as a child in school I was teased by peers of my older brothers. Being conscientious of all of this my brothers felt bad, and so tried to get me to be tough, but I could never adapt and the name-calling increased.

But the view that people had of me never really affected me, not until my grandparents confirmed to the theory that I was gay. Well I was a happy child but I never thought of myself as a woman, that was distant thought from me. I loved the skirts and women were always a distraction me.

As I grew older and discovered more of homosexuality I became homophobic and soon began to hate homosexuals, because I thought that if it had not been for them, the hurt and pain I suffered as child would not have been mine to endure, but that’s until some time ago when I got meet homosexuals for myself. All the opinions that I had formed of them were made on a bias, this I know because after encountering them I have realized that whether what they are doing may be wrong in the sight of God, they are still humans and worthy of love and care just like anyone else. I could never speak of homosexuals the same anymore, I can only show support for their humanity.

Well, a few years back I sat to think of this term again, ‘men with broken wrists’ and there it struck me, I saw a couple walking, the woman’s eyes were bruised and the man’s right wrist was banded, broken from beating her up. He too was a man with broken wrists, not a homosexual but an abuser, someone who really deserves the scorn that is misplaced on homosexuals. A man who hits a woman is less than a man and does not deserve the privileges they currently enjoy.

At the end of the day, I prefer to be referred to as a ‘man with broken wrists’ because I’m too tender and soft than to be a man ‘with broken wrists’ because I cannot be tender and soft to the most precious gem in this world; woman.   

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