Men Who Wear Mini Skirts: Time to Dump Those Cowards

October 22, 2010 by Jimmy Shilaho  
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Think of those soldiers who rape instead of defending civilians, think of those men who hide behind their mothers, wives and girlfriends, think of those men who will never utter a word in the face oppression. They are cowards, they wear mini skirts, very short skirts.

Some men hide behind their mothers, girlfriends and wives

Some men are comfortable wearing the skirt, they are cowards and they not only wear skirts but very short ones at that. They hide behind their mothers, girlfriends and wives, they can not defend anyone, and they can not protect anyone, least of all their women. They wear skirts, very short skirts and behave cowardly all the time.

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A man hid behind his girlfriend when attacked by dogs

Think of this acquaintance of mine who was attacked by a pack of stray dogs and had to defend himself by hiding behind the poor girl. It is a good thing that dogs don’t bite anyone who faints and falls down at their feet, or at least these ones saw no reason to maul the poor girl. Well, she recollected this and dumped the coward.

Instead of wooing mature women, some defile toddlers and rape grannies

Think of those men who instead of wooing mature women or finding girlfriends of their own, will sneak around and rape defenseless children and old women. So many times in the news, there have been stories of women of ninety years and above being raped by physically strong men. There have been cases of children as young as 6 months, boys or girls, being raped and even killed. Aren’t these cowards?

Some men impregnate disabled women and get away with it

Think of those men who take advantage of the disabled in our midst, make them pregnant and ruin away from this responsibility. Aren’t they cowards? I have seen this girl who has no hands or feet and no job at all but who has been abandoned by the ‘father’ of her yet to be delivered baby. He forced himself on the poor girl, raped her and left her for dead!

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They take advantage of the vulnerable

Think of those cowards in our midst, aren’t they the scam of the earth? They wear skirts, and not just skirts but very short skirts. They are cowards who want to take advantage of the vulnerable in their midst. They can not put up a fight and neither can they take responsibility for their actions.

Analyze your man and dump him if he is such a loser

Perhaps it is time to analyze your man and find out if he can stand by you. Perhaps it is time to find out if he can defend you and protect you for however much things change, the more they remain the same. Spot a loser from a distance and dump him before he takes advantage of you or your loved ones for men are still expected to be heads and not tails.

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20 Responses to “Men Who Wear Mini Skirts: Time to Dump Those Cowards”
  1. LoveDoctor Says:

    This is a very funny article especially the title. That is why I love my alpha males. There is nothing like a guy who stands by you through thick and thin, a guy with a strong character and very manly. If he has good looks and is successful, hey more power to him. lol. A very good post! Remember the rule is no cowards!

  2. albert1jemi Says:

    great share

  3. Faith Summer Says:

    Unfortunately there are a lot of men like this, hopefully I will never let one into my life.

  4. giritharanj Says:

    nice share – gj

  5. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Dump the scum. These men are worse than dogs, although some women fall in the same category .

  6. Emmie Says:

    I love alpha males, so i would never get into a relationship with someone like this, i do not think. These men are sick and shouldn’t be out on the streets- especially the ones that rape grannies, and prey on vulnerable people.

  7. Starpisces Says:

    haha, well expressed with the “mini skirts”, luckily not with stockings (panty hose), also, if they wear long skirts also will look funny too. :)
    Yes, men, handsome or not handsome not important, most important is they must behave like men, but not too rough also.

  8. The Soul Explorer Says:

    I never heard that. That’s funny! Thanks

  9. Brenda Nelson Says:

    I know a man, he has a family, he does not work – too busy feeling sorry for himself I guess, whines about his aches and pains, makes his mother – look after HIS kids while his wife is out working… pathetic.

  10. wonder Says:

    Yes, It is better to find out and discard if guilty.

  11. Michal Dorcak Says:

    I am speechless. I agree with what you wrote here. Men who behave like this do not deserve to get anything good from life (said as my opinion ofc.).

  12. Lwandaz Tale Says:

    I think just like mosquitoes that spread malaria, they should be sterilized. such genes should not be allowed to perpetuate themselves!

  13. Raj the Tora Says:

    These short-skirt wearers are panacea of the society and have to be weeded out. Very valid concern Jimmy. I would have called and slapped the guy who hid behind the girl instead of facing the dogs

  14. Minister Marlene Says:

    America protects it’s women perverts. I saw a special on women in prison for molesting and sleeping with their children. Women who are molestors is very hush, hush. I knew a teen personally who was trying to escape memories of his mother doing the unspeakable. The disabed? Grandmothers? Makes my stomach ill. Good article on a swept under the rug topic.

  15. Man Says:

    Men are not your personal meat-shields. What about cowardly women? Or is that trait too ‘expected’ to complain about? If neither of you can protect yourselves, then neither of you deserve anything less than a coward.

  16. Patagoniakid Says:

    Yeah dump him BUT you are dead wrong about men in SKIRTS. The toughest men in history wore skirts (Attila the Hun,Ceaser, etc.) and a SKIRT has the opposite effect on a guy if he is man enough to wear one. It is the homophobes you are worried about.
    A skirt doesn’t make a guy gay. It take a real man to wear a skirt before they are vogue. Skirts are optional for men in 70% of the world and men used to wear skirts more than women throughout history. If a guy tries on a short skirt instead of shorts on a hot day I can assure you he won’t give it up! No crotch binding seams for the first time ever is a BIG deal guys! There is no reason for men not to wear skirts other than their closed minded puritanical thinking left over from the Victoria Era.

  17. ManwhoshotterthanyourGF Says:

    This is the most full of crap blog i have read in the last few years…
    Cowards…..So if a man puts on a skirt that makes him a coward?…really? Alpha males…..You are the reason that women are still considered a second class citizen…..revel in your egos on your high horses. Women have been fighting for equality forever and they just throw themselves at these same alpha male types with this kind of mentality. So if im a House husband, take care of the kids, make life easier for my professional working wife, and still run a small business from home that makes me a coward because i don’t fit into your “IDEA” of what a man is….Typical Male Ego BS….How about this: Why dont you go find someone who is as close minded and judgemental as yourself, so the rest of us can judge you for being a Typical Alpha Male Syndrome Couple….

  18. Aiyanna Says:

    Oh okay!!! You talking about those Pussy Chap Dolls aren’t you J??? Those guys won a Gold Dust record and had a limo stint back in 2008 and called it their moment of madness!!!!
    Wonder if he still has those skirts he had sexy legs!!! Not to mention those artificial braids!!! I still hang the picture on my bookshelf calling it the Art of Networking Woman to Man as they performed Don’t Cha wish your boyfriend was as hot as me, and why dont come and taste me it is all for free Don’t Cha!!! Then had the managers go How Bizarre!!! Like those Manukau boys, OMC.

    Now with regard to these Stupid Roses who go deflowering young girls and impregnating women on wheel chairs and then calling the offspring Pengling, you have to catch them give them two slaps, hand them to their wives, then managers and last but not the least to the cops and get them locked up Akon style!!!

    But men as a rule are nervous characters and are only strong when they have a strong ally with them. Those allies have to be a positive influence to them not a negative one and that is when they change to become a lot braver and will fight their way up to the top. They don’t all wear skirts but some of them have invisible ones just like us women where some of us wear invisible pants.

    J, you know me, I am a total tomboy and I would give any person a run for their money and most of all if its a guy I care about I will fight till the end to prove that he is mine. I have taken on grown men who threatened a man with a knife and beat the life out of them and slunk away too leaving the public hammering his life out. Did it a day before my wedding when this bloke grabbed my crotch on the Indian street.
    Well nothing new, seen men shiver in fear, lips turn purple and eyes wide open when I am around so yea, analysed them, if they have a good heart worth fighting for I will do it for them…
    My best friend who died two years ago was like that, and I would give my life to have him back with me…
    My new best friend, bloody Huku (Chicken in one of the African dialects and Cucu in Swahili) has gone and hidden himself in some coup now after calling me Homewrecker and poor me am gawking as I met him just 10 times last year and once this year…. Okay he loves cross-dressing too, don’t tell anyone!!!!

  19. Aiyanna Says:

    But none the less that Chicken friend is worth fighting for again and yes needs a reality check but worth salvaging!!! So yes J, not all Alpha Males are good as they don’t respond to email, texts or be friends with anyone apart from their narcissist self… Would prefer the cowardly idiot any day as he has more feelings including fear and accomplishment in them…. At least can hold them tight when they cry and cry along with them too and smash the face of the enemy with one solid punch, they’ll have no teeth left I can assure you…

  20. Blake Says:

    I wear a skirt everyday,to work and when im not at work.I am just the same person as if i was wearing jeans,which i dont wear but maybe once a month at most.You should try it some time,then you would know why guys like skirts.And just a FYI,women adopted the skirt from the mens wardrobe,AND it wasnt until the 1930’s or so til women wore pants when women first started wearing pants,and they had the risk of being arrest.Do a google search on the history of the skirt.Dont be affraid.And most women like to see a guy in a skirt.As of last night i was standing in line at the cash register,the was a woman behind me and she said,” i really like your skirt” i then said ” thanks”.I told her “im was tired of just wearing pants”,she then said“i dont blame you,skirts are much better”

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