Men Need to Understand What Women Want!

October 24, 2012 by Tiki33  
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Women may find themselves telling their mates what they want and need in the relationship but still come up short. Are men not listening or is it that they just don’t care?

Men need to step it up, women are becoming frustrated with their lack of concern for the relationship. Women are finding themselves constantly repeating the I need you to understand me or the I need some attention. Are men tuning out their partners or are they just uncaring? Why do women have to keep repeating how much they need their partners attention? Men should be able to pick up when their wives are upset, hurt and need them to take care of them.

The relationship takes two and one person should not have to carry the load. Men are finding themselves in divorce court because of their lack of concern for their wives, they just don’t get it. Their excuse maybe; this is how I am or I didn’t know you wanted that. It’s time for men to wake up and understand that women need their attention an to be shown that they are appreciated. If men continue to block out their mates than they’ll end up being alone.

Women want attention, they want to be held, communication, understanding and dedication. There’s nothing wrong with a couple needing some space in between but if there is never and communication or intimacy than there will surely be some trouble in paradise. Relationships consist of two and men must understand that it’s not fair that their wives are holding the relationship together. They may watch their football or suspense shows on television but what about their wives? The wife may end up in the kitchen serving and slaving for what ?

Men should never look at their wives as their personal slave, they need to make sure that their wives are feeling happy. Wives are finding themselves seeking professional help because of the down falls in the relationship, men are scratching their heads as to why? If you haven’t figured it out after years of marriage, than perhaps there’s little hope. Women are trying their best to hold up the relationship only to find themselves becoming more distant from their partners. 

Wake up men! If you love your wife than you will do all that it takes to hold the marriage together. you must stop using the me, my, I terminology. It’s not fair that the wives are always repeating themselves about the same topics and issues. There needs to be some compromise. Both men and women need attention. When the other person is not receiving what they feel they should than the whole partnership will come tumbling down.

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9 Responses to “Men Need to Understand What Women Want!”
  1. jfay1995 Says:

    So very true. They just don’t seem to get that the intimacy, kisses and hugs are what we want.

  2. ashan1614 Says:

    Ditto what jfay1995 said. Men think that affection and intimacy equals sex. I say if all women wanted was sex, they can get that anywhere. Women want communication and non-sexual affection, they want a hand around the house and with the children, especially if they work outside the home. They want to feel like they are the most important thing in their men’s lives, to feel provided for, protected, loved and appreciated. Without those things, the relationship is doomed.

  3. lapasan Says:

    Both woman and man need to understand each other so that their relationship will always remain sound.

  4. Edyta N.Tehrani Says:

    I think that the last paragraph holds the key here. It works both ways. Maybe if women cared more about men\’s needs then, they would care more about theirs? It is very hard to be cold and uncaring toward someone who is warm and caring toward you ( unless he is a total jerk, in that case do not merry a jerk), so as women we should first make sure that our men feel respected, loved, and welcomed in our home. It is also important that we clearly state our needs (men are not very good at guessing emotional issues) in a non accusatory way. They often really do not know what is bothering us. And if your man is just not the type to wash dishes well, then ask him to do something else around the house to help you instead of making him do the dishes and then yell at him because he did not do them well. And remeber to say thank you when he does what you asked for, even if it is something simple. They like to be appraciated too. Men are not really that bad when you know how to deal with them right. Complaining at them and nugging ( oh they just hate nugging) is going to make things only worse for both of you because he is just going to shut down believing that it does not matter what he does, you will never be happy.

  5. Emancipation Says:

    The day someone writes a book about what women want, that person will be a billionaire over night!

  6. Edyta N. Tehrani Says:

    That’s right. I meant we should not nag and men hate nagging and that we shoould be careful not to marry a jerk LOL

  7. Tiki33 Says:

    At Edyta, relationships take work. Both persons must compromise, it is not always the case that women nag their husbands. Sometimes men have a difficult time expressing their feelings. It would not be fair to say that women are not projecting care or love, women are emotional and may show more caring attitudes because of their makeup. It is true that there are some jerks out there. Sometimes there’s nothing one can do to change that, unless the individual wants to change.

  8. Emancipation Says:

    Maybe us men should take a leaf out of Ahmad’s make up and turn to masturbation instead of keeping a woman happy. All whilst copying this great article? LOL.

  9. septana Says:

    I hope your article gives a lot of benefits for us all

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