Men Lie,women Lie

July 7, 2010 by edcombs  
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Reasons why women cheat.

In a relationship,it is always the man known to cheat on his partner simply because all men are born cheats according to women.Whether this is is true or not, we leave it to those who have their own parameters of finding out the facts.Well, it’s true that most men cheat since time immemorial but no one usually blames women because it is believed that most women are loyal to their partners.Now this is where i have a problem because in this modern world a lot of things have changed and more women are now cheating on their partners with impunity.

A few years back, it was a sin for a woman to cheat on her husband because she would be declared adulterous and be subjected to severe punishment usually by lashing in public especially in the Arab World.But with democracy and human rights activists advocating for equal treatment, a lot has changed and now it is criminal to subject someone to such torture.This is a milestone that has its consequences and now women are increasingly cheating on their partners due to the following reasons:

Miss Independent

Women nowadays do what men can do and they make their own money and therefore independent.This has made them realize that they can look for other options if they don’t get it from their partners because they know pretty well that if caught she wouldn’t give a damn.


A woman who is not getting sexually satisfied by her partner will look elsewhere for satisfaction.Even if the husband is a millionaire, she will dare the consequences of being caught red handed as long as she gets what she wants.The producers of Desperate Housewives did not get it wrong when they came up with the series because it reflects what happens in the society.


Women usually want attention and they demand that their men give them total attention.If a man is not sensitive to her woman’s need, then he should rest assured she will get it from somewhere else.So next time if you are not giving your spouse enough attention and she does not complain about it then it’s time you knew that someone else is giving her attention.


Just like men cheat on several women and boast about it,women too boast about their escapades with several men and how they are fine at ‘hunting’.These group of women usually want to prove a point that they can do best what men can do better.


If a man cheats on her partner and she realizes it,she may also cheat on you as a revenge so that you can also feel the pinch.It is more painful for a man to see her partner with someone else than it is to a woman and this is a good punishment women hand to their spouses.

Even if the general perspective is that men will always cheat on their partners, from this article it is clear that women too lie.

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4 Responses to “Men Lie,women Lie”
  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    I have one word for this entry: Great!

  2. drelayaraja Says:

    Wonderful article. As Leo said, great.

  3. Akiong Says:

    It’s really a good article. Thumb up.

  4. Ronald Says:

    Ron If your a bloke and feel your women is unfaithful. But have no real proof. Assume you are right, until proven wrong. As your soul and her constant guilt trips, placed on you,to justify her lies, become an everyday thing. There is a way to tell, if she is what you expect, place your hand on her hart, ask her a simple set of Question, get to no the different beats, as her face want show you nothing, All women, are or have a fear of something, Example spiders should make the hart pump (fear) Get to no your pumps, I’ve found that most things that make the the hart pump that are honest reaction Rise and slowly recess. Lies pump intently with a tremor until she can catch her composure, plus she will try to get away from your hand or your ear,

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