Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus-what Does It Mean Really?

November 18, 2010 by vijayanths  
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John Gray the famous relationship expert from the USA published this book in the year 1992. The book was a big hit. It tells about different behaviors of men and women. Read more…..

Yes, men and women are different: Men and women are different. They have different natures, different emotions and different thoughts. John Gray says that both men and women should understand these differences and learn to live accepting the differences of the opposite sex. I can’t accept all his views but I want to  share my views on this topic.

Cover of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Different views of men and women: Yes they have different views on many things. That is why we say that they might have come from two different planets. Men want to earn money, fame and name. Love is part of their life. Woman’s world usually revolves around her man and her kids. Career is just a part of her life. Man wants his talents to be recognized while woman wants her emotions recognized.

Different nature: Men are not expressive enough, at least that’s what women think. Men do express their love during the initial period of the relationship. Then they know for sure that their women are in love with them, so they stop expressing. Men talk to the needs mostly. Women on the other hand, just want to talk even if there is nothing to talk about. Men want to handle their problems on their own. Women want to share their problems with their dear ones and seek their support and help.

More differences: Women take small things seriously and manage big problems easily. They need to be loved, cared and respected by their men. They long for appreciation, respect, love and care. They can devote their lives for their men and their kids. Man does not remember birth days, marriage days etc, etc and these are not important to them. Women remember these days well and these days mean a lot to them. Men value gifts with the actual value  of the gifts. Women value the gifts with the love associated with the gifts. In other words even small gifts can mean a lot to them if there is love from their men. Both men and women view sex differently. Men can have it with any woman if it is necessary for them. Women need to love a person to have sex.

Useful tips: So, it is obvious both men and women are a lot different in many ways. Imagine a man thinks the same way as woman thinks and vice versa. Both men and women will behave similarly and the attraction between them will not be there. You know, like poles repel each other. So we need to accept the opposite sex as they are and learn to adjust to their way of living.

Interesting news: In Indian Astrology, we refer certain planets a male planets and certain planets as female planets. Jupiter, Sun( It’s a planet as per Indian Astrology)Mars are male planets. Venus, Moon (it’s also a planet as per Indian Astrology)are female planets. Mercury is a neutral planet.

Summary: Had men come from Mars? And women from Venus? Let us not worry about it. Let us understand the opposite sex and live happily and make this Earth, Heavens.

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22 Responses to “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus-what Does It Mean Really?”
  1. webseowriters Says:

    Well defined share

  2. Guy Hogan Says:

    I’m always skeptical of sweeping generalizations. I guess they can be useful when viewing statistics, but they always make me uncomfortable because they represent data and not wisdom.

  3. vijayanths Says:

    It’s true, but knowing about the nature of opposite sex can help to minimize the problems in a relationship.

  4. Sail338 Says:

    Nice Share

  5. thresiapaulose Says:

    Useful article. Thank you Vijayanth

  6. vijayanths Says:

    hi, thresiapaulose nice you like it, thanks.

  7. Uma Shankari Says:

    Good insight and practical wisdom.

  8. Christine Ramsay Says:

    Where would we be without one another? We just have to accept that there are differences. An interesting post.


  9. Ruby Hawk Says:

    It means the opposite sexes are as different as the two planets. And for the most part, it’s true.

  10. vijayanths Says:

    Hi, Uma, thanks for your response.

  11. vijayanths Says:

    yes, Christine Ramsay, in fact those differences make us interested in the opposite sex.

  12. vijayanths Says:

    yes, Ruby Hawk, they are so different in different matters as you are aware of.Yet, they are attractive and that is what drives the whole world alive.

  13. PSingh1990 Says:

    Nice Share.


  14. dino renaldo Says:

    i like this post

  15. Tarra Buluran Says:

    It’s true – if it happens that men and women think and act the same way, there would be no room for attraction anymore….nice article!

  16. vijayanths Says:

    hi, Tarra Buluran, yes, that is what I also think. Glad you liked this post.

  17. midga Says:

    It’s a problem when people rely on generalizations like this to attempt to understand the opposite sex. Honestly, these sorts of things are different from person to person, regardless of their gender. I know just as many women who are fiercely independent in regards to their problems as men, and a man needing love for sex is far from uncommon. If you want to understand someone better, try to understand them as an individual, not a member of some generalized stereotype. It’s the sort of thinking here that leads to discrimination of every sort.

  18. vijayanths Says:

    Of course exceptions will be always there in everything. But we can also know about the general characters, it will help us to understand life better.

  19. padma Says:

    interesting information about men and women.

  20. J M Lennox Says:

    That is a great book, and it is very true about men and women thinking differently. You may enjoy looking at my article on – The Nothing Box – Drives Women Crazy. Vijayanths. I am sure you would find it interesting after what you have shared here.

  21. vijayanths Says:

    Yes, J M Lennox I read your blog, it’s quite interesting. The video is very nice.

  22. Kristie Claar Says:

    Well written article.

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